The Eleventh Plague

By: Jayden Epp

The Plague

A brutal war broke out and after that influenza started spredding and killed two thirds of the worlds population and now Stephen and his fauther are fending for them selfs. There is nothing left of citys just ruens are left. They survive off of finding things and traiding it for things they need like warm clothes. Then stephehens dad falls off a clif and is baddely wonded. luckely stephen stumbles on some friendelhy people that are willing to help and they take him and his fauther back to there camp. to stephens supprise there camp is like to old world. The houses are all nice paved roads and most importanely medicen to help his dad.

Did I enjoy this book

I did enjoy this book it was very fun to read and I did not want to put it down. It was interesting all the way through and dident stop till the last page.

Would I recommend this book

I would recommend this book to anybody that likes a quick read. It is a very good book for a book report because it was fun to read 

Was it well written

It was very well written book. I would love to read more books buy this auther.