The False Prince: Hunter Torre

Welcome To Carthya

Welcome to Carthya. This place might be different than where you came from but one thing you must know first is you must respect Connor. Connor controls everything that happens here. He is trying to make one of us prince of Carthya since prince Jaron died in sea. But, he was never found.So, we do not know if he died yet. I don't really like it here because Connor thinks he owns me and the place.He always taking away things that mean something to me. He thinks it keeps me distracted but I think I am going to keep on going. If you want to survive here in Carthya you would have to be brave,strong and always stand your ground. So, welcome to Carthya. Make the right choices or else.A lot of bad things will happen to you and the people that you are around.It is hard to be nice to everyone that you see but just be niceto the people that are important to you.I would need them for help in your life.Sage ( Jaron ) is the prince now.He will care for you people and will make sure that they will not hurt the newcomers.

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People that You should Stay With

These are the people that you should stay with

  1. Sage
  2. Mott
  3. Imogen
  4. Tabias
Those people are the people that you should stay with.


Those are some tips for you as a newcomer.It will be hard for you to fit in but those tip can help you get used to this town call Carthya. You would have to be able to not be scared and you would have to be able to fight for your rights.You would have to know sum history about Carthya (the old prince).He died from assassination.Someone killed the old prince on purpose.Look them over and try to do what they say.Good Luck and have a great life.