Lexile Level 940L

This story is about a dog named Mr. Mosely. He is a Great Dane mix with a black spot under his eye and a heart-shaped spot on his chest. He is Corey's beloved dog and best friend. Together they help each other through difficult times. Whether it was when Corey was caring for Mr. Mosely when a car hit him or when Mr. Mosely's gum was caught up in the fishing hook. Mr. Mosely protected Corey and his family from danger and he had a big heart full of love.

It was Christmas Day and Mr. Mosely became frightened when he thought Corey's sister Amelia was being attacked by a stuffed Pink Panther. He ripped him apart only to find out he was not real. Mr. Mosely began to sneeze because little white balls were sticking to his nose. This was my favorite scene in the story.

Patrick Sherry