the life of Tupac Shakur

By Cameron Storey

Tupac Shakur was many things such as

* a black rights activist

* a famous rapper

*the voice of the early hip hop genertion

The birth of a hip hop icon

Tupac Shakur was born to Afeni Shakur on June 16 , 1971 in the hospital in Harlem,New York. Tupac's mother had a very average child birth. As a result, Tupac had no birth defects.

Influences of Tupac

Tupac's family was frequently involved in black rights movements. Tupac's mother was a member of the Black Panther Party.Tupac's father was involved in the black liberation army.

Important acts of Tupac

* Black rights activist.

* uncensored rapping

* Addressing hot button topics.

* Joining the black liberation army.

Tupac's impact on the world

tupac influenced people to look at racism in the USA.He used his street smart sound to address difficult topics. he was very controversial about many things. he spread awareness to many problems through his music.

The fall of Makaveli

on September 6th , 1996, Tupac was involved in a drive bye shooting,resulting in his fatality.Tupac still impacts the world through his music.The world changed drastically thanks to him. If i could ask him one question, i would ask, "what happened to cause the shooting"
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