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Highland Springs Elementary Library

Brain Breaks with Go Noodle!

Looking for a way to give your students a fun brain during the day? Check out Go Noodle! Go Noodle is a website where you can find activities to calm, focus or motivate your students. Simply create a free account to get started. One of the motivations is like just dance and it's really cool. Check it out at in the link below!

One of My FAVORITE sites

If you haven't seen Wonderopolis yet, you have to try it. Every day there is a wonder of the day with a great article the would be great for your nonfiction text study. There's a video to go with each wonder too. Students could search for topics they are interested in or ask there own question that the writers at Wonderopolis could consider as a future topic. The wonder of the day today was "How do magnets work?" The link is attached below as well
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Thanks for supporting our Book Fair!

Despite all of the snow and delays that came along with it, we were able to raise a little over $500 for our book fund and around $150 in Scholastic Dollars. This will help us buy some new books for the library. If you have any requests for titles, or topics to add to our collection, please let me know.