First Colony of Mars to Launch

Shuttle will Launch in the Spring of 2030

The history of exploring the Red Planet

We must find alternative resources as Earth's deplete due to overpopulation and unemployment rates increasing. With the research and explorations from the past, we have found many resources that would benefit the people of planet Earth. Not only would these resources help the people of Earth, but it would allow those who are unemployed an opportunity to support themselves or their family.

Colonizing Mars may solve the energy crisis

What is this energy talk?

Many people are asking why the thought of colonizing Mars ? To many, this seems like a waste of time and money, but to those who think outside the box, Mars may be the answer. In the last 30 years, Earth's power grids have had numerous occasions where they were unable to keep up with the needs of humans. Mars has become highly susceptible to solar flares, which may provide needed energy. Mars also has become accustomed to wind storms which, if we use sites such as the one in Oregon as an example, can produce massive amounts of energy. Lastly, Mars' atmosphere is much thinner than Earth's which would increase the energy of the suns rays. We could set up miles of solar panels to collect this energy in exponential quantities of what we are used to on planet Earth.