March 14th - March 18th

Intro to Exponential Functions and Business Project

  1. Review example for Wednesday on Business Project
  2. Pick Final Four March Madness Bracket to compete with other classes.

Tuesday, March 15th

  1. Writing prompt over Rational Functions
  2. Canvas assignment due Wednesday, March 16th

Writing Promt

Intro to Exponential Functions Activity

You will need to open this pdf file in a separate tab on your chromebook. Make sure you save any changes to your Drive. Do your graphs on Desmos and paste them into a Google Doc that you create. Submit both the pdf and Google Doc on Canvas.

Business Project: Part 3

Today you will be researching expenses for your cost of production section of your Business Project. There is a link below to each document you will need. Make a copy for your won Google Drive.
Costs of Production Google Doc

Make a copy of this document so you can do your work on it. You will need information from the spreadsheet below to complete this document. You will turn in this document ONLY. You will not turn in the spreadsheet.

Cost of Production Spreadsheet

Make a copy of this spreadsheet so you can do your work on it. You will need this information to complete your Google Doc above. You will not turn in this spreadsheet.

Due Date:

You should be completed with Part 3 of your Business Project by Friday, March 18th.
Below is the assignment on CANVAS where you will turn in your Part 3.

Thursday, March 17th

Finishing Part 3 from Wednesday

Finishing Part 3 from Wednesday and Thursday