Financial Advising

Megan Figueroa

Saving and Investing

Some people may not have the tips to save and invest but I am here to give them to you today! Saving can be done in many ways whether it is putting money in a savings account when you can or having a set amount from your income.It's important to have money that you will be increasing over time, and to plan for your future by saving. Investing is very important, although the risks can change you will always get some sort of return.


If I were most of you I suggest that before even starting to save money have a steady amount of money or at least enough that you will be okay in any sort of emergency. After that I would open a checking account to always have money in. If you can control how much you spend and usually always have enough in your account I would open a savings account and put in as much money as you can at that time. When you know you can handle how much you spend from your checking account and you have a stable amount of money then you should start having a set amount of money out of each paycheck that will go into your savings account. One saving option as I said before is a savings account or a CD (certificates of deposit).


First in order to invest your money you must have reasons right? You aren't going to have much motivation to invest your money if you don't have any. Sit down and think what you want for your future, what you would want to spend your money on. When investing money it may be hard putting it away and not spending it. As you get older I would take more risks with investing, that's if you took the first step which is saving, you will get much higher return rates if you have a higher risk. One way to invest money with the lowest risk is a bond, because the government and not the bank is liable to get that money back. The second option with a much higher risk is stocks, although they have a very high risk they also have a high return rate.