Earthquake Times

Kaylee Young

Nothridge Earthquake

“The earthquake rolled me out of bed and onto the floor!” Said my dad, Mark Young, to describe the earthquake he was in. He was talking about the Northridge earthquake on January 17, 1994, which had a magnitude of 6.7. He was in bed at this time, and the earthquake was so strong it knocked him out of bed!

It was 6 am in the morning when the earthquake hit. “I felt a strange vibration, then it got stronger, and then the next thing I knew, I was on the floor. He immediately asked my mom, Sarah, if she was okay. They both rolled against the side of the bed. Then, after it stopped shaking they went looking for their cats, who were hiding underneath a table.

Luckily, there was no damage to their house, or to themselves. Others weren't so lucky. There was over $10 billion worth of damage, 57 killed, and over 8,000 injured. My dad said “I remember being so worried that our house was going to collapse.” He says he remembers that the earthquake really well because it was on his birthday.

My dad gave me about some tips about how to be prepared for an earthquake. The first tip was to have an earthquake kit with blankets, food, a radio, tools, and water. The next tip is to know the safest places to be if an earthquake hit. He says you should also do a practice a drill for any type of emergency including an earthquake. The final tip is to use the triangle principle, which means rolling up against a heavy object, like my parents did, so if something falls on you it will hit the object and create a triangle between the object and the ground.