Information Systems

Information you must know!

The difference between Primary and Secondary information.

Primary data means that you actually acquired information yourself, this data could be through an interview, a community meeting or even through email, just remember, any data you acquire is primary information! Secondary data the opposite of primary data. Secondary data means that you did not acquire the data yourself and that it has not been verified by you! Secondary information can be anything like a book, a newspaper or even a TV. The key difference is whether or not you collected the information yourself.

The difference between Qualitative and Quantitative data.

Quantitative data deals with specific and measurable data such as Prices or the average age, this data is also know as being measurable. Qualitative data is mainly based on feelings or such data that cannot be measured. An example of this data is "this is tasty!". The differences are whether the data is measurable or not and how the data is structured.

The difference between Data and Information.

Data and information are actually different. Data is bases mainly upon basic, individual facts. whereas the information aspect applies meaning to the basic data and individual facts. The difference is that information is more informative than raw facts.