321 Inroduction

Anastasia Popova, Tourism, 2nd year

Hello everybody! My name is Nastia. And here are some things about tourism.

3 things about tourism I remember from our last year's course and I like the most

1. Some interesting places in our 'Where to go?' topic.
2. Professional skills how to offer an advice.
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I will find the best deal for you!
3. How to use Prezi for creating your presentation.
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2 of my favorite activities in the world connected with tourism

  1. To travel around the world. And I will be able to help people to choose 'The tour of their dreams' as my future professional activities.
  2. To learn something new about culture and peoples' lives in the foreign countries.

1 dream job of mine

I want to be a photographer. I want to travel around the world and take photos of everything I like. And get them published in some magazines, maybe. I want to show people how diverse our life is.