October is Bully Awareness month and we are in the spirit!

Bullying has become an epidemic in our schools, but it doesn't have to.

Students and staff let's take this first step together to celebrate Bully Awareness month and kick off our Bully Prevention Program here at Fred Lynn Middle School!

FRIDAY October 3rd:

Wear your black and gold or Fred Lynn spirit wear because we are all family here!

FRIDAY October 10th:

Dress up as your favorite celebrity or super hero, because they're cool and so are you!

FRIDAY October 17th:

Wear your hats today, because we are putting a cap on bullying!

FRIDAY October 24th

Today we dress up as a particuliar profession or career because, "I'd rather be a ____________________ than a bully!"

FRIDAY October 31st:

Today we dress up in red because we are RED-dy to be Bully and Drug free!