New Academy Charter School

February 2019

School Goal: Increased Attendance

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Perfect Attendance: January

FOURTEEN New Academy Charter School students earned a Perfect Attendance Award for the month of February. These students celebrated their accomplishment with a pizza party!!!

Students of the Month

Please help us CONGRATULATE the following students on being awarded Student of the Month for the month of February!!! Keep up the hard work, students!!

Jacob F. (8th Grade)

Mackenzie D. (9th Grade)

Nico M. (10th Grade)

Anthony D. (11th Grade)

William L. (12th Grade)

Staff of the Month

Talia Booker

Ms. Booker has been doing an AMAZING job as a lead counselor in the Integrated and Community-Based Program. With her open and honest personality, she has helped motivate the counselors to facilitate quality groups here and New Outlook. Many compliments about Ms. Booker have been received not only in regards to her work ethic, dependability and integrity, but also in her ability to ensure the students maintain positive behavior and participation when off campus. We believe that her leadership has allowed the program to succeed and to be recognized for its quality. Thank you Ms. Booker!

Extra Effort

Melissa Miller – Ms. Miller has done an outstanding job with student attendance. She keeps track of all students not only while in school, but also when they are not in school. She keeps in contact with the families to ensure that our students do not end up lost in the shuffle. She requires dedication and honesty from our students and in return gives them her commitment to provide them with incentives like dress down, certificates, pizza, ice cream and gift cards ultimately reaching our student attendance goal for the first semester. Thank you Ms. Miller!

Ashley Clark – Ms. Clark’s students met standard proficiency in reading fiction, reading informational, and writing components. Ms. Clark contributed to the increased 11th grade reading standard proficiency by 33% from initial entrance reading level through vocabulary acquisition and theme/summarization analysis. She also contributed to a 31% increase in 11th grade writing proficiency through the use of supporting details. Nice job Ms. Clark!

Andrew Uram – Mr. Uram’s students had the greatest gains of standard proficiency in the math department and contributed to the increased Personal Finance math standard proficiency by 12% from initial entrance math level. He also contributed to a 22% increase in 8th grade math standard proficiency. Nice job Mr. Uram!

Candice Herriott – Ms. Herriott’s students created the greatest gains in writing within the science department with 79% of her students improving standard proficiency in their ability to follow a scientific procedure. She contributed to the increased 11th grade reading standard proficiency by 33% from initial entrance reading level, and she also contributed to a 31% increase in 11th grade writing proficiency. Nice job Ms. Herriott!

Kayleigh Crowe – In the reading comprehension vocabulary acquisition standard Ms. Crowe’s students achieved proficiency with 84% of her students. She contributed to the increased 10th grade reading standard proficiency by 14% from initial entrance reading level. Nice job Ms. Crowe!

Black History Month

Through our school-wide literacy initiative, Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Westry, created daily assignments that focused on influential moments and individuals in honor of Black History Month. Every day, students read and answered comprehension questions about what they read and often, classroom discussions continued do to the engaging topic

In the Community

Wrapped in Love

A group of New Academy Charter School students are HAPPILY HOOKED! Wrapped in Love is an organization that make blankets and hats for people who are sick. Our students learned the basics of crocheting such as how to make a slip knot, chaining, and double hooks. They each crocheted a smaller square and each square was attached together to make one blanket.

NEXT MONTH at New Academy Charter School

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Parent Resources

Looking for a job for your student or yourself? See below the attached link for the March 2019 Job Listings for Students and Parents!!!