December 14-18

Our Last Week Before Break

Duties and Events

Parking Lot:

Dec. 14, Sisk, Watson will cover the classroom

Jan. 4 Parking lot duty: Maddox, Randle will cover her classroom


Monday, Jessica Casey

Tuesday, Schultz

Thursday, Bono


14th, Quarterly Assembly, Happy Holidays Luncheon provided by Gerloff

16th, Faculty Meeting in the library

18th, PBS Board Games with Buddies, End of second Quarter,

January 4: PD Day


Please be sure to dismissal walkers to the gym at 3:15. When students are late to the gym it cause congestion in the front parking lot.

Hee Hee!!

December 18, 2015 Early Release Day

Early release, walk kids to the bus at 12:30

PBS Party: 9-10, Davita will be sending out information about this very soon.

Lunch will be shortened and teachers will need to stay in the cafeteria with their students.

Specials teachers please check on regular classroom teachers and make sure teachers have a potty break.

Early Release/Snow Day

10:30-10:55 PreK

10:45-11:05 Kindergarten

10:55-11:15 First Grade

11:15-11:35 Second Grade

11:25-11:45 Third Grade

11:45-12:05 Fourth Grade

11:55-12:15 Fifth Grade

Teachers may leave at 1:00 PM!!