Stem Cell

By Madison Bryant

All about stem cells

I bet most of you are wondering what stem cells are. Stem cells are a very important they can turn into anything for your body such as livers, hearts, arms, legs and much more.

Stem cells can turn into blood cells which are called hematopoietic stem cells, these cells can turn into; red blood cells- carry oxygen

white blood cells- fight affection

platelets- help blood to clot.

Scientists with stem cells

scientists has discovered a something very life changing with stem cells that could help a lot of lives. They have created a process with stem cells which make new body parts for people who need new parts on their body for instance ears or fingers. Scientists have a special procedure to make these body parts.

Pictures of stem cells!

My opinion

Some people think stem cells are wrong and some think there great. In my opinion stem cells are very life changing and can help others with so much. Stem cells can come from babies when they are in the placenta of a girl, when they are very young and barley human like yet this is how scientists get stem cells to use but they can not just take them they have to get permission. In my opinion if people are going to get an abortion instead of putting it all to waste they should donate there baby to the scientist to use for other people in need of stem cells.


Stem Cell Transplants

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About Stem Cells

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