Lessons Learned in Slate Valley

Celebrating amazing work of educators and students, Volume 3

Middle School Math Engagement

Teaching well in the middle requires such energy and enthusiasm! Check out the examples below of the engaging activities done in the past few weeks at Slate Valley schools.

SVU's Amazing Nurses Adjust To "The New Normal"

The pandemic has hit school staff with significant changes to the daily routine. We are all engaged in a new normal -- new procedures, new rules, new ways of thinking, and more. Today we'd like to give a special shout out to our school nurses, who have tirelessly engaged in keeping all of us safe. For example:

  • Monitoring daily health screenings for students and staff.

  • Evaluating student health in school to determine who should be sent home.

  • Providing guidance to families about testing, symptoms and quarantining.

  • Firmly communicating with families about when students can and can not be in school.

  • Supporting staff with understanding complex information and ever-changing regulations

  • Collecting data and creating timelines of student symptoms, appointments, and test results to communicate with families and staff.

  • Ordering and maintaining a stock of masks and ensuring staff and student access

  • Contact tracing -- at all times of the day and night, and even during weekends and vacations -- and educating parents about what to do next

These women are true heroes.

Pam Arel at BVS said it well when she wrote to me, "Our nurse has been amazing- calm, competent, kind and just a wonderful colleague. We don't know what we would do without her!"

2nd And 3rd Graders Create A Math Playground

Students in Mrs. Sturtevant's 2nd and 3rd grade class took their learning outdoors! They used the BVS playground apparatus and basketball courts to inspire original games. Please click HERE* to see the great ideas they came up with. Maybe your students would enjoy playing these games, too. *Only available for those within our domain.

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