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Keep Calm and Think Spring!

Save Tablet Files

The end is near! Do you need to backup files on your tablet? Anything that you have saved directly on the tablet (IO File Manager) or have stored in Amplify Playlist will cease to exist in May. If your files are already stored on your computer, OneDrive, or a flash drive you have nothing to worry about! There are several ways to backup those files if you need to:

1- Stop by the tablet room (starting Tuesday) to pick up your new FlashDrive! It has a regular and micro USB so that you can easily save files on your tablet then pop the USB in your computer. Directions <-- These will also be handy when your students ask for help.

2- Connect an Android Cord from your tablet to your computer and drag and drop files you want to save from the tablet folders to your computer folders.

3- Load your tablet files to OneDrive. Open onedrive.gcsnc.com on your tablet and upload any files you want to save. You can then access them from any device with an internet browser.

Tablet Pre-Collection

Anything "Amplify" that is not being used can be returned to the media center now-April 8th. All non-essentials will be picked up April 8th. This includes class sets of keyboards, chargers, cases, and any tablets that aren't being used.

Tablet Collection

Tablet Collection dates have not been finalized. However, plan on a mid may collection. I'll update you once it's approved.

Canvas Training

Canvas is the (not so new anymore) Learning Management System that the State of NC has purchased. This will replace Amplify Playlist Builder. I'm really excited about the great tools that Canvas has to offer such as posting your grades!

We will be having an optional Canvas training on Saturday April 9th at Aycock- you will receive CEU's and $100 stipend. Register here. Our Teacher Facilitators will be Bratcher, Hampton, Heather Johnson, and Coach Glenn.

I'm also available for one-on-one or small group Canvas Training/Q&A! Email me and let me know what time works for you on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Canvas- Multiple Grading Periods

For those already using Canvas: here is a short video that shows how to enable multiple grading periods in Canvas. As the quarter is about to change, you might find this useful!

Engaging EOG/EOC Prep Review Resources


Post-spring break finds us in a test-prep frenzy.

Have you Kahoot-ed to death? If you are looking for an alternative, look no further than Quizizz! The nice part about this version is that the questions do not appear on the device as a whole group. It can also be assigned as homework! Check it out! Let me know if you use Quizizz as I'd love to see it in action in your classroom.

Quizizz Walkthrough

Check out this teacher using Beyonce's "Formation" to teach geometry

Teacher Uses Beyonce’s ‘formation’ to Teach Her Kids Geometry

Lande Brady

Monday & Wednesday: Mendenhall

Tuesday & Thursday: Aycock

Friday: Newcomers, High School Ahead, & WSA