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Special Education Update

December 16, 2015

Special Services Christmas Open House!

Please join us for a bit of Christmas Celebration!

Special Services Office

Friday, Dec. 18

7:30 - 3:30

Please stop down throughout the day at your convenience, and enjoy a few minutes of celebration!

Parent input - Your Suggestions

In light of our discussions regarding parent input, a few suggestions have come forward that I would like to pass along:

  • For parents who have expressed no concerns, Adam recommended: "Mr. & Mrs….have not expressed any concerns regarding the academic or behavior services provided to student. They would like to see student continue to grow in the areas of reading, writing, and math, within the context of the present services provided."

  • For satisfied parents, "Parents have indicated that they are satisfied with the services and support their child is receiving."

  • Sheila put forward a one page, short questionnaire that she sends home to parents approximately one week prior to IEP to gain parent input, which allows her to address parent comments and concerns even if parent has not attended the IEP meeting.

  • Jenny includes a statement, "Parent was provided with a home version of the TPI" for added parental input.

All of these encourage that two way communication, and lend themselves to showing that we are actively seeking input from the parent as a member of the IEP team.

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We wish you relaxing, enjoyable, laughter-filled days with your family.... Cassy and Kim