Gabby Saucedo & Anderson Palma

Cold hearted killers

People in war use drugs to ease the mind and ease the pain so that when they go kill people they feel like their invincible and dont feel a thing about what they did its like when they use the drug its as if there eyes were being covered with blind folds. In a long way gone ishmale uses drugs to live another day and stay up "Ishmael relies on drugs to power him through his duties. He begins smoking marijuana along with taking the white energy pills. He also snorts "brown brown," which is a mixture of cocaine and gun powder." he also uses the drug for numbness "...after several doses of these drugs, all I felt was numbness to everything and so much energy that I couldn't sleep for weeks. We watched war movies at night, Rambo's First Blood, First Blood, Part II...we couldn't wait to implement Rambo's techniques."


In a long way gone soldiers rebels and ishmael are forced to use drugs to overcome thier fears and go on with the killing with out them being hurted emotionally or know whats really going on. In a long way gone "He wakes up and begins shooting inside the tent. The corporal and lieutenant take him outside and give him more of a drug, in the form of a white tablet, that all the soldiers are given before they go out to fight. Ishmael does not sleep for a week, and takes part in two more military expeditions." thats harsh. In the article Adventures of space and hobo they talk about the vietenam war and how they used drugs to continue fighting "Heroin was so much cheaper and easier to use without being detected that many people you’d never suspect began using it. It was reported that about 15% of all G.I.’s in Vietnam from 1970-1971 were using heroin." "....It helped them mellow out, it helped them continue fighting. It took their mind off what the war was about and helped if they didn'tt necessarily believe in the cause for which they fought. " The article and the book tell us how drugs being used in war.
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