About Me

by:jessica hernandez

About me and my family

My name is Jessica Hernandez and I am about to be 13 years old in September . I have one brother and his name is Adrian he is 15 years old .Me and my brother both play sport he plays baseball and I play soccer . My mom name is Sonia and my dad name is Sebastian, my dad and mom both like to watch me and my brother play the sport we play.

What i like

I like a lot of things , some of the things that I like to do is go shopping with my mom in the mall. I also like any type of bags like , but I especially like the ones you put over your shoulder. I also like shopping for shoes my favorite shoe brands are Nikes , and Vans. I love head bands I always wear one each day and this are some thing that I like.

About me

Well as you know I am about to be 13 years old in September the 20.I have 3 dogs one of them is big and the other two are small ,there names are Bartolo , Pancho, and Coco.As you also know I like to play soccer my team name is GP united , my position is defense and my team number is 11.
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