KDG Round-Up Information

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Welcome Families!

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Dear Soon-To-Be-Newest Members of Our SGE Family:

We are so excited to meet all of YOU! This email is to serve as a friendly reminder of our Kindergarten Round-Up for tomorrow, Tuesday, April 10th, 2018.

Last but not least, we kindly request you fill out an optional parent input survey in order to help us best support your child(ren). Click here for the link to this survey. This does NOT have to be done before tomorrow. This survey will be open now until our last day of school.

Thank you in advance for helping us get to know your amazing child(ren) better!

What Should I Bring for Tuesday?

Enrollment Information

To enroll in Zionsville Community Schools, you must reside within the district boundaries and provide the following documentation:

  • TWO of the following pieces of proof of residency (all documentation is subject to verification):
  • 2 original and different current utility bills (gas, electric, water, sewer)
  • Cell phone bill or driver’s license are not acceptable

OR 1 current utility bill and 1 of the following:

  • signed rental agreement with date of occupancy

  • signed purchase agreement with closing date

  • signed closing documents

  • signed letter from builder (on letterhead) with closing date

  • original birth certificate or current passport

  • immunization records

  • registration form, which you may elect to print and fill out at home or fill out in our office

Additional Details:
  • Please DO BRING your soon-to-be Kindergarten child with you.
  • Bring a color photo of him/her that will NOT be returned. If you also bring younger siblings, please know they are welcome to attend but unfortunately, we do not have childcare available for them.

What to expect upon your arrival?

  • Please see the map below for parking. We respectfully request everyone please walk to and enter through our main entrance, marked as door #1.

  • First 5 minutes: Upon entering our main doors, you will be greeted by our PTO parents. A folder of information will be passed out and we request all parents/guardians/children please wait in our main entryway. Feel free to view the Kindergarten slide show on our Office TV as you wait. Soon, everyone will get escorted to our music room and gymnasium.

  • Next 5 minutes: All children will be dropped off in the music room first. In this room, they will be given a few light assessments to determine the depth of their foundational knowledge. This is merely to balance classroom placements, but also to get to know your child and start the very important relationship building process.

  • Next 15 minutes: After dropping the children off in the music room, parents will be escorted to our gymnasium. In here, you will be greeted by our office staff to have your important documents copied and other forms to be filled out. You will also notice some additional & optional stations to visit regarding signing up for before/after school care & enrichment clubs.

  • Next 30 minutes: Parent Presentation by Mrs. Largent (principal) and Mrs. Farley (assistant principal). This is our time to get to know you and to share with you pertinent information about SGE, such as: The first day of -school, visiting procedures, drop-off/pick-up, background checks, etc . . .

  • Last 5 minutes: Children are escorted to the gymnasium to meet up with their parents, brief introduction of our Kindergarten team, families are escorted back to the main entrance for departure.


Stonegate Elementary Staff

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Our SGE Kindergarten Team can't wait to meet you!

Left to right: Mrs. Shaw, Mrs.Rent, Mrs. Luchenbill, Mrs. Wagner

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