Mrs. Reno's First Grade News!

Liberty Elementary School

Happenings This Week...

12/8 -Book Fair open (our preview day to look and make list of books form the book fair)

12/9 -We will be going to book Fair at 12:00 to buy books.

12/10 - Book fair open during 2nd grade grandparents day at 6:30

12/11 - Unit 4 Math Test - Book fair open during 3rd grade grandparents day at 6:30

12/12 - Unit 3 Lesson 11 Reading Tests

December 8 - December 12

I will be taping into your child's folder in the next few weeks their reading level chart. This is for you to see where your child is and for him/her to understand and set individual goals for themselves.

Here are some helpful links you can go to...

Our Reading Series:

Our Math Series:

Raz kids:

School City of Hobart Site:


Our goal for writing is to add details to our writing. We are trying to write three or more sentences, We want to add descriptive words into our writing. Students should be checking for punctuation, correct spelling of High Frequency words, and correct capitalization.


Our stories this week are ...

At Home in the Ocean - Informational Text (Unit 3 Lesson 11)

Our target skills for this story is Authors Purpose - details

We will also be reading on Thursday Water (Informational Text)

Our goals with this unit:

I can write words with the digraph th

I can identify the base words and -s, -es, -ed, -ing endings

I can read and spell words with with irregular spelling.

Target Vocabulary: must, wonder, sneak, eases

Vocabulary Strategy - classify and categorize words

Words to Know: blue, cold, far, little, live, their, water, where

Spelling: that, them, then, with, this, bath


We are working finishing up Unit 4.

Our goals for the week are

4.11 -Introducing Fact Power - Introducing fact addition facts, turn around facts, double facts, and practice adding and subtracting to 10.

4.12 - Good Fact Habits and Making Ten - practice with addition facts and introduce and practice with making ten addition strategy.

4.13 - Review for Unit 4 Test (Book sent home with review sheet on Wednesday)

Unit 4 Test Thursday!