Computer Hardware

Hard drive and SSD

A hard drive is a device in a computer which holds all the computers' memory. Everything from applications, to picture to files. Without the hard drive the computer is useless. It works with an arm and a disk, everthing you download or save is written on to the disk by the arm.

An SSD is like a hard drive but it's smaller and thinner and doesn't work with an arm and disk. It simply stores all your memory on to the device. SSDs are used for thinner devices like Ipads and laptops. However it is more expensive yet it holds less than a hard drive. Say a hard drive held 6GB the SSD could probably only hold about 4GB.

Optical Drives

Optical drives are devices in computers and some laptops which basically play DVDs. It play CDs nor,al DVDs and Bluray disks. All these type of discs are called optical discs. Optical drives are found in most computers but are only found in some laptops. For instance you wouldn't find an optical drive in a macbook air because it's so thin. You have to get all your downloads of the internet



Moniters are devices in the computer which turn of the screen off but they don't turn the actually turn the computer off. These can be used by a button on the computer. Not only do they turn the screen off but they turn it on as well. Ever thought what is in a television which shows you the images you see on tv, that's what a monitor does. It can turn screens on, off and display moving images.


The cpu is the "brain" of the computer. It stands for central processing unit. Whatever insturctions you put into the computer go directly to the cpu, the cpu then reads and calculates the instructions and tells the computer to do what you put into it.


A ram or random actors memory is where all the computers memory is stored. It is mainly there to speed up the computer, if you
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The motherboard is the centre of the computer, everything is conected to it. Monitor cables, RAMs, hard drives, everything. It has a fan to cool the computer down when it gets too hot, when you work on a computer for long enough you can hear the fan going round.