OCTOBER 11, 2015



This has been another eventful week! As I reflect on this past week and think ahead, I am appreciative of each of you as we continue to learn more about each other. As a team, we have greater chances for success by bringing forth our talents and capabilities.

In our staff meeting this week one of the items we discussed is how one event/action does not rest on the shoulders of one person. As a community of educators and learners we need each other to bring about a strong change and positive results.

Just think of the team of greeters that welcomed us into our staff meeting; think of Mr. Lewis connecting us as a team through Good Things. We are stronger when we focus our attention for being problem-solvers in positive ways!

You may at some point feel overwhelmed or even alone; just remember that your RGE family cares, and you are never alone.

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Sponsored by Tracy Granger


Learning.com is very beneficial in preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. Students in grades K-8 use the program as a guide to instruct them in acquiring and improving technology skills they will use in the real world. Learning.com consists of curriculum driven activities that provide engaging, self-paced, individualized instruction.

The skill development of Learning.com helps students develop creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Please encourage your students to log on to Learning.com at least once a week to complete the Easy Tech lessons. This will help improve Ridgegate’s CASE indicators as well. If your grade level would like assistance, I (Ms. Granger) can come out and help you with assigning lessons. Here is some information to assist you with logging on and assigning lessons to your students.

Teacher Log Ins:

Username: firstname.lastname@fortbendisd.com

Password: Teacher@2015 (make sure the "T" is capitalized)

District: Fort Bend ISD

Student Log Ins:

Username: Student ID (lunch number)

Password: 12345

District: Fort Bend ISD


Our Math Specialist, Mr. Lucas, is trained on using Number Talks. Number Talks is done mentally and helps our students to develop strategies for computation.

What is a Number Talk?
A Number Talk is a short, ongoing daily routine that provides students with meaningful ongoing practice with computation. A Number Talk is a powerful tool for helping students develop computational fluency because the expectation is that they will use number relationships and the structures of numbers to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Number Talks should be structured as short sessions alongside (but not necessarily directly related to) the ongoing math curriculum. It is important to keep Number Talks short, as they are not intended to replace current curriculum or take up the majority of the time spent on mathematics. In fact, teachers need to spend only 5 to 15 minutes on Number Talks. Number Talks are most effective when done every day.

On a side note...you can easily integrate sentence stems when participating in Number Talks. Remember the talking should be from the students, not the teacher.


The end of the nine weeks grading period is this Friday.

During this time, please begin updating your gradebooks daily. We will have assistance in running our report cards, but in order for this to be a smooth process we need to do our part.

As a reminder report cards must

-include specific academic feedback regarding student effort/grades/progress

-include the district required number of daily and major grades

-include statement of student's current DRA2 and the expected outcome by the end of the year.

We will be reviewing all report cards and providing feedback that may result in revisions needing to be done. We will be sending details in an e-mail this week regarding timelines from our district support team.

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This week you will begin receiving feedback in the form of T-TESS. The walk-throughs are similar to past walks meaning that the observer(s) will be in your classroom at least 15 minutes. It would be a good idea to remind your students to remain focused on the lesson when visitors come into the room.

Please continue your usual lesson delivery if an observer comes into your classroom. In particular we will be looking at (1) objectives (2) lesson plans (3) CKH integration. In addition to the three specific look-fors, we will be observing the overall connection of the three areas to instruction and the learning environment (Domains 2 and 3).

We will schedule a post observation conference to review and answer any questions that you may have. The post conference will be like a coaching session to plan for how you can essentially move from good to great.

Remember that the purpose of T-TESS is to provide feedback to enhance your current professional practice. You should expect to receive feedback regarding an observed strength and an observed area for an opportunity to enhance your professional practice.

If you have paraprofessionals assigned in your classrooms, please be sure that they are also engaged with students. They also will receive feedback as part of their practice and contribution to student achievement.

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12 Student Holiday/Staff Professional Development

13 3rd-5th Science Nine Weeks Assessment 8:30-9:15

PLC: 1st grade

CBLT at 3:45 in the library


14 2nd-4th Writing Nine Weeks Assessment 8:30-9:15

PLC: 5

15 2nd-5th Math Nine Weeks Assessment 8:30-9:15

PLC: 4

16 2nd-5th Reading Nine Weeks Assessment 8:30-9:15

Universal Screening Ends

19 PLC: PK/K


20 PLC: 3rd

21 Unity Day (Wear Orange)


22 PLC: 2nd

Report Cards go home

23 Specialists WATCH Meeting