Miranda Milburn

Interesting: Love to TRAVEL to RUN! 13.1

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Important People

Family - Mom, William, Dad, Lisa, Ashley, Matthew, Jeremy, Avery, Hunter, Bradley

Loves - Gabe & Dominick

Fur Babies - Roxy, Buddy, Nala



Where to start?? I LOVE watching kid movies. Pixar is amazing.

Why Teaching?

Every experience in the classroom is just another reminder of why teaching is my calling. I love working with kids and helping them learn new things.

Watching kids discover new things, especially when they get it and you helped them get there, is one of the best experiences. Everything about teaching, working with kids, the planning, decorating, getting creative to teach each lesson - I am SO excited to have my own classroom!

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Undergrad Major: Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing

Graduated from CofC in 2011. Worked in advertising sales for about 4 years, decided to make a change. My sister is a teacher and I left the office to substitute for a year, fell in love with elementary teaching and decided to take the MAT track last Fall. :-)
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