Leela Stewart

What kind of fruit are Cherries? What are some different varrieties Cherries come in? What nutrients are in Cherries?

  • The Cherry is a drupe fruit. A durpe fruit is a fleshy indehiscent fruit with only one seed in the center.
  • Sour Cherries: tart in flavor and bright red in color.
  • Sweet Cherries also known as Black Cherries: mahogony colored skin and are very juicy and plump.
  • Pink and Yellow Cherries: pink and yellow cherries with plenty of blush.
  • Cherries have Fiber, Potassium, Vitamin C, and Boron

Some Cooking Methods for Cherries

  • Rinse them and eat them raw.
  • Bake them into pies.
  • Make them into a tart.
  • Use as a topping.

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Did you know?

  • July is the month to pick cherries in the UK and according to the www.national-awareness-days.com website, July 16 is National Cherry Day.
  • The world record for spitting a cherry pip is 93ft 6.5in, set by Rick Krause of Michigan in 2003.
  • Turkey produces more cherries than any other country. The United States comes second.
  • The cherries from an average cherry tree are enough to make 28 cherry pies.
  • Cherries were named state fruit of Utah in 1997.

Where can you buy fresh Cherries?

You can get Fresh grown Cherries at farmers markets, the grocery store and many places