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Whenever you select kitchen countertops, you need to strongly consider their sturdiness and requirements for maintenance. That's because kitchen counters often take a pretty heavy beating, what with all the cutting up, rolling, mixing, and stacking that takes place on top of all of them.

The bathroom, however , is a much less intense place. Your bathroom kitchen countertops aren't at risk in quite the same way, and this means you are able to relax a bit and have fun when it comes to choosing a bathroom counter top.

So what do you need to consider in a bathroom countertop?

While the kitchen area countertop is where you spend most of your food prep period, the bathroom countertop's function is generally to hold items. It's the uncommon bathroom that requires pounding, dicing, slicing, or chopping on top of a bathroom countertop. When it comes to functionality in the bathroom, your greatest concern will probably be the size of your countertop. Does it give you adequate room to hold your toiletries while you get ready?

You'll also want to considercarefully what you'll be required to do to maintain your bathroom countertops. Can you manage a little extra maintenance, or do you want as little as possible? Remember that specific materials, like granite or marble, need to be resealed occasionally. Other materials, like stainless steel or glass, don't need to be resealed, but it may be difficult to continue to clean fingerprints off their own surfaces.


Your personality can really shine through within your bathroom design options. This space is smaller and also the fixtures don't get quite as abused as they do in your kitchen. Plus, you don't need as much material in a bathroom as you will need in a kitchen, so your budget may go a bit additional here. Because of all this, you can really focus on the fun -- the appearance of your bathroom countertops. Go whimsical, funky, eclectic, bold, elegant, classic... whatever you love. It's easier to do it within this room than anywhere else.

Common Bathroom Countertop Materials
Granite is popular for its beauty and durability. It's stain-resistant, and out of all the natural stone materials, it's easiest in order to care for. Granite can be a bit pricey, and it does need a resealing every six months to a year.

This synthetic amalgamated comes in a huge variety of colors and styles. It's durable and simple to clean, and you don't have to reseal it. However , it can be a little more expensive than granite.

Tile is durable -- even more durable than granite -- and inexpensive. You can also produce unique and beautiful designs with tile, really allowing your personality shine through. Maintenance can sometimes be tricky whenever you deal with grout, however.

Solid surface components are great for custom design because they can be molded to fit any kind of specifications. Because it's non porous, it also discourages the expansion of mildew. It's easy to clean, and gives you plenty of style options.

You might think a toilet is a pretty standard fixture and does not require much thought. But surprisingly, there are thousands of options with regards to choosing a toilet for your bathroom. To keep you from going insane, we'll break down the things you should think about when you're ready to choose a rest room.

Measure Your Rough-in
First things first, you need to know the measurements of the current rough-in. This is the distance from your bathroom wall towards the middle of your toilet's flange bolts. Standard rough-ins calculate 12 inches, but 10- and 14-inch models can be found. It's always easier to choose a toilet with the same rough-in words (unless you're already planning on doing extensive remodeling).

Lavatory Fit
The elongated toilet bowl is the most comfortable form for most people. Simple choice then, right? Not so fast. For those who have a small bathroom or a limited budget, you may want to choose a circular toilet bowl. Round toilet bowls save about three inches of space and cost less than elongated containers. In a small bathroom, this could make a difference in whether or not you can completely open doors and drawers.

The standard height for toilets measures fifteen inches. But taller people may find taller toilets much more comfortable. 17- or 19-inch toilets will be kinder to shells and knees, and they are also a better choice for people who possess issues with mobility. The downfall is that these are harder for the children and short adults to use.

Our best advice is to really sit on the toilet in the showroom when you're shopping. Sure, you will feel ridiculous. But how will you feel over the next ten years if you hate the toilet you choose?

Toilet Style
Again, the conventional two-piece toilet, with a tank that bolts on top of the actual bowl, is not your only style option. You can also choose a one-piece toilet which looks sleek and is easier to thoroughly clean.

Or how about a wall-mounted toilet? These are even easier to wash, and they add drama to the bathroom. They are more expensive than other models, however.

Take some inspiration through the Europeans, and install a bidet instead of a standard toilet. These types of actually help with resale value and are good for people with flexibility issues. You can often add a bidet feature to regular toilets.

If you're in the market for a new toilet, this is a good time for you to reduce your carbon footprint and select a toilet that uses much less water. Low-flush toilets have come a long way in the past 20 years. Utilizing a power-assisted flush or gravity, these toilets handle exactly what they're meant to handle, but they use less water to accomplish. It's worth it to look into this option.

Before you buy, compare self-employed test results of the toilet's flushing performance against some other models. Consumer Reports is a good place to find good testimonials. And be sure to look into a rebate when you purchase a high-efficiency model.

Comfort Features
Comfort is important in all areas of living, so why not the toilet? You can choose comfort features like a heated chair. Or how about a soft-closing seat that ensures the lowes shower doors . seat is never left up -- and never slammed? The foot warmer, self-deodorizer, automatic flush, nightlight, or Wireless bluetooth capabilities? Smart technology has not left toilets out. You are able to upgrade and personalize your toilet in many innovative methods. Just beware that extra features are extra expensive to change if they break.