NG Issues in your Gradebook? #1

Let start by looking at category setup in your Gradebook.

Category Setup by Course/Section

  1. After logging into Teams, Under the Teacher Menu, go to Maintain Teacher Gradebook Category

  2. Under the Gradebook Course/Section tab, select a Course/Section

  3. Locate the Category Names you want to use, i.e. Major, Daily (most commonly used.

    1. Take note that ‘Daily’ and ‘Classwork’ is NOT the same.

    2. Take note that ‘Major’ is NOT the same as ‘Spelling Major(For Primary teachers).

  4. Next to each Category Name, you will be using to associate to the ‘weight’ of each Assignment, type a number weight. Weight should TOTAL 100.
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Use the same Category settings over ALL Six weeks.

To keep the Category setup for all grading cycles, select No next to Allow Override Weight/Drop In GB Cycle.
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Using the Same Categories over ALL Course/Sections

After setting Categories for one course, the Categories settings can be copied for ALL Course/Sections.

    1. Go to the Copy Categories tab.

    2. Under the first section header: Copy Categories From Course/Section select the Course/Section to copy FROM

    3. Under the second section header: Copy To Course Sections click an individual course, then click the Add button. Or click on the Add All button.

    4. Click Copy to complete copying Category setup to selected Course/Sections.

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We’re not finished Yet!

Categories and Assignments

The Categories selected, when adding an Assignment, must carry weight. (View instructions above to setup Categories.)

  1. Click on the Teacher Gradebook Assignment tab

  2. When adding a New Assignment, select a category that carries weight which was setup under the Gradebook Course/Section tab.

  3. In this example, only two Categories can be selected: Classwork or Major.
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