Career/Job Changing Process

By: Alivia Lytle

Reasons to Change your Job/Career:

Ask yourself why you want to change your job or career first. If it is because you are bored, you want to make more money, or where you are working is harmful, then you are probably making a correct decision.

Tips When Changing Your Career/Job:

1. Research New Careers - You want to do this because you want to find out what fits your lifestyle best. Do you want to travel a lot? Do you want to spend more time at work than home?
2. Training and Education - You need to have the proper certification in what you are going to do. (Example: A hair stylist would need to have the right schooling to learn to cut and color hair).

3. Experience - Try finding a mentor or volunteer to gain experience and knowledge.
4. Hiring - Research available positions and network for possible job leads.

5. Setbacks - Maybe the field you are wanting to go into is not hiring, so you may have to relocate.

6. Injuries - Research past safety hazards and what they have caused. You wouldn't want to work at a place with a high number of injuries that have happened there.

7. Relationships - Don't leave your job with a bad reputation. You might need them for future references.

8. Values - Don't change your beliefs for a future job or career. There are plenty more career paths out in the world.

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Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. - Jim Rohn