Electronic Medical Records

Yossi Ramirez

it’s just basically having all your past history in a paper chart and it keeps all your history in there, so if in case something happens to you and you forgot what happened that day, the physicians have it there in the paperwork. i think it is actually a good thing for doctors to have it like that, because it allows access to evidence that allow providers to make decisions about a patient's care. they also share your information to other doctors you have been to, so they can be informed and so they can be contacted with your information, anything can happen and in case that certain doctor doesn’t know anything, how are they going to know your past history? exactly, so all this Electronic medical records is a good idea for your current doctors to have and know.

One person said this, "They understood their care better, they understood what was going on – what their medical conditions were – they felt more in control of their care, they felt better prepared for visits and they even said they took their meds better." Meaning they were confident about this situation that even they felt better ,and they were taking their medications better.

Today, about 40 hospitals use OpenNotes nationwide, giving about 5 million patients direct access to what their doctors write about them and their care

idk what to put here if i already found enough info on EMR.


idk what to put here. if i already found enough info.