Brazil Travel

Home of Christ the Redeemer and host of the 2014 World Cup


Brazil is located in South America, towards the East side of the continent. It is also the largest country in South America.
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Weather of Brazil

During the winters, temps range from 55F to 65F, and the summers are anywhere between 86F and 104F.


The climate in most of Brazil is mainly humid, warm, and dry, but then towards the Amazon Rainforest its rainy and damp.

Physical Features

2 of the well-known physical features would be the /Amazon Rainforest, and the Brazilian Highlands

How to Fit In (Languages)

The offical spoken language of Brazil is Portuguese. 3 of the more minor spoken languages are French, Spanish, and now English is being learned.

Folkways and Taboos of Brazilian Culture

4 folkways of Brazilian cultures are: they mainly dress neat, it is okay to interrupt conversation, sucking your thumb means that you feel left out, and the legal drinking and smoking age is 18.

Subcultures of Brazil

2 subcultures of Brazil, for example, are the Low-Riders, who drive around decked out cars and show them off, and the Queers, which are the the group of people who aren't straight.

Evidence of Culture Change in Brazil

technology and economic growth have went up dramatically in the past 10 years, and the use of cell phones have went from hundred thousands to the hundred millions in less than a decade.