Arcola~ The Magic in the Middle

May 16, 2021

Dear Arcola Families:

May is a busy month of testing for our students- PSSA and Keystones will occur over three weeks! It is an important time for our students to stay focused. The good news is that it also provides time to truly get caught up and work to submit any outstanding assignments for classes. The staff is here to help and will work with anyone who needs it! Use the time, complete your work and let's all help to pass the year. I know we can do it and we will work together.

The grade social is still accepting forms and we hope to see you all there to celebrate!

Work hard and stay strong!

The Counselor Corner

Over the course of three weeks in May we will have PSSA and Keystone testing. For some of our virtual learners, returning to the school building after not being there for over a year can be very stressful and cause anxiety. Please let us know if they are struggling and we will work with them on some strategies to help with their anxious feelings.

Every student has a preferred learning style. Our 7th Graders will be completing a learning styles inventory in Naviance in the next several weeks to discover how they learn best and how knowing this can help improve their study habits. Students on Team Blizzard will have the lesson on May 14; Team Avalanche on May 26; and Team Tsunami on June 4.

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Sadly, suicide completion rates are at a 30-year high. Anxiety, depression, and self-harm are also on the increase, particularly among adolescents. The Methacton web site has a list of hotline numbers for various agencies in the “Informational Resources & Hotlines” section ( If you have any questions or concerns about your student, please reach out to their school counselor to see how they can help.

Also attached is this month’s issue of Middle Years, a newsletter focused on helping you improve your student’s success in school. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Scheduling for 2021-22

Yes we are getting ready and collecting data for the 2021-22 school year. Look for information on the website and news blasts! See attached timeline as well.

Mid-Marking Time of Marking Period 4

We are at the mid-marking period! All students need to check PowerSchool and see where you are in each class with your grades and assignments so that you know what you need to do to stay current and end on the best grade you can! It is the perfect time to submit any outstanding work and assignments. Please reach out to your teachers if you need help in any way. Any student with a 69 and below will be receiving an email from each teacher. I believe in all of you and know that you can do this- let's finish strong!