2015 Year in Review

Global Marketing - Devin Thiele

Three Companies that Marketed their Companies the Best

1. Apple stands as the one technology company that truly gets marketing. It defines the next big thing and creates game-changers in existing markets before people themselves even know what they want. It doesn't use focus groups or research; Apple is its own focus group. Coming out with the IPhone 6S this year has remarkably let them grow even more as a company.

2.Geico is one of the most widely recognized insurance brands in the world, it is all about two things: Warren Buffet and marketing. Geico also has some of the best concepts on the planet: The Gekko, the Caveman, the little piggy, and the electricity-generating guinea pigs in a rowboat. These commercials have a comical appeal and also gets to the point which leads to the company to have success

3. Budweiser has become an American institution and perhaps the most powerful and successful alcoholic beverage brand of all time. There commercials and marketing strategies are tremendous, including there branding for sports. Being the proud sponsor for the St Louis Cardinals and many other teams in America

Two Best Products

1. Apple Watch

2. Amazon Echo

Two Worst Products

1. Hover Board

2. Zune

Best Movies of 2015

Best Musical Artists

Top 5 Best Sports Moments of 2015

1. Steph Curry breaks a 40-year drought, brings Golden State a title

2. Serena Williams comes within three sets of winning the Grand Slam

3. American Pharoah wins Triple Crown

4. The Seahawks give away the Super Bowl

5. Royals bring a title back to Kansas City

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New Year's Resolution

I would like to get more sleep and work out more on the weekends. As well as learn how to play Piano and make more time to draw. In school I would like to focus more on my time management. In addition I will try to be more appreciative to my parents.