Mrs. Clark's Class

First Grade 2013-2014

Money, energy, and small moments...

It's hard to believe, but there are only 13.5 days of school left before we are on Winter Break for 2 weeks! We're working hard and playing hard too. This week, we have begun learning about coins and their values. We talk about this every day during the calendar, but our math activities this week focus on coin recognition and coin values. Practice at home with coins or better yet, let your child help you pay for items with cash at the store! Real life experiences makes learning that much more meaningful.

We've also learned about heat energy, light energy, and sound energy. Energy is defined as "working or changing". We went on an "energy hunt" and found examples of the 3 different types of energy. For example, we found that sun shining on our classroom window is both heat energy and light energy because it made the window both hot AND gave us light. Find examples of these energy forms in your home!

We continue to write small moment pieces. Over the last few weeks, we have focused on writing for others--making sure our writing is readable for all. Our mini-lessons have focused both on handwriting as well as SOUNDING OUT AND WRITING EVERY SOUND. This is a big one! Our small moment stories are all about our recent field trip and we will publish those (share them) later this week!

Take a look at a few pictures. :)

Holidays Around the World

Next week, we will begin learning about how different countries celebrate holidays. We will be making a suitcase for our "travels". Each student will need a cereal box for the project. Please send a cereal box in by Tuesday, December 10 for the project. Thanks!

Winter Party

Friday, Dec. 20th, 11:30am

3400 Welsh Avenue

College Station, TX

We hope you will join us for our Winter Party! This is an early release day, so we will eat lunch in the classroom. We will have pizza as part of our celebration. To cover the cost of the pizza, we are asking each student bring $3 by Monday, December 16. This is in lieu of lunch on Friday, December 20. If this is difficult for your family, please let Mrs. Clark know. Your student will be free to leave after the party. Melinda Wood, our room mom, will be sending out information for other treats and paper goods for our party.