3rd Grade Hebrew Newsletter

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Important Dates

December 13, 2014 : Chanukah Activities and Party

December 21-January 4th: Winter Break

January 11, 2015: BACK TO SUNDAY SCHOOL

What We've Learned

We have continued to learn even more letters and vowels. Each week I am blown away by how well they are reading. Their blending skills get stronger with each passing Sunday. They are always eager to learn even more than I am teaching on a particular day. Talk about a teacher's dream come true!

At the beginning of the year they learned the letters שׁ shin, ת tav, בּ bet, מ mem, ל lamed, כּ oaf ה hay, ר resh and כ chaf, and the vowels, ָ & ַ (both make the sound "ah").

Since then we have added ב vet, ד dalet, א aleph, ו vav, ק koof, צ tzadee, ע ayin, נ nun, ן nun sofit (final nun), and ח chet. They have also added several vowels. They are ְ (silent, tells the reader to say the sound(s) above, ֲ (ah), ִ (E), and ִי (E).

Weekly Hebrew Practice Online

Hebrew Practice Online: We are currently up to Primer 10 and 11 in the online program. If your child has not completed these two lessons or any of the ones before, please have them catch up over the Winter Break. This program is essential in reinforcing all we have learned up to date. Not to mention the kids love how fun the games are.
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Happy Chanukah to All! Wishing you eight amazing nights!

Thank you all for your contributions to our Chanukah Party!

Rebecca Good aka Morah Rivkah

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions.