Forestry Tech

Job responsibilities

  • Gather data on water and soil quality, disease, insect damage to trees and other plants, and conditions that may pose a fire hazard
  • Locate property lines and evaluate forested areas to determine the species, quality, and amount of standing timber
  • Select and mark trees to be cut
  • Track where wildlife goes, help build roads, and maintain trails, campsites, and other recreational facilities
  • Train and lead seasonal workers who plant seedlings
  • Monitor the activities of loggers and others who remove trees for sale as timber or for other reasons
  • Patrol forest areas and enforce environmental protection regulations
  • Communicate with scientists, and sometimes the public about ongoing forestry and conservation activities
  • Suppress forest fires with fire control activities
  • Train other forestry workers and coordinate detection programs

Work schedule/Salary

- full time( about 40 hrs per week) plus overtime if necessary.

-35,700-41,130 per year

-16.31 per hour on average

Employment outlook

Employment in the industry is expected to grow 11% in the next ten years with a 7% growth in promotion for those already in the industry to make room for new employees.

Skills/training/work environment

In order to be eligible for the job you must have an associates degree in forestry.

Skills: graphing/ mapping skills, problem resolution and prevention skills.

Job tasks: aid reforestation plans, manage sections of forest and wildlife populations, monitor compliance with state forestry regulations.