My Favourite Car

By Kevin Ebenezer

Audi R8(V8 Coupe)

Manufacturer: Quattro GmbH.

Body and chassis

Class: Super car.

Body style:2-door coupé (2007-) and 2-door spyder (2009-).

Layout: Longitudinal mid-engine, quattro permanent all-wheel drive.


Engine:4.2 L FSI V8, 2×DOHC; 5.2 L FSI V10, 2×DOH

Transmission:6-speed manual, 7-speed manual, 6-speed R-Tronic, 7-speed Prundletronic.


Wheelbase:2,650 mm (104.3 in).

Length:V8 Coupé: 4,431 mm (174.4 in).

Height:V8 Coupé: 1,249 mm (49.2 in).

Curb weight:V8 Coupé: 1,560–1,565 kg (3,439–3,450 lb),