The Ritenour Review

2015 - 2016 Third Grade Weekly News

Websites to Use at Home

Math Sites:


Five minutes each night or morning - that's it! Super quick!

Login Info:

Student name and code

  • Scootpad: go to -> login using username: first-last and password is lunch code -> click on scootpad icon
  • We have used Word so far.
  • Newela: Current Event Reading

**We will add to this list in the coming weeks.

What's Happening in Our Classroom!

GENIUS HOUR PROJECT - A hard copy of this paper came home on Thursday, November 29, with your student. Did you see it? As always, stay in touch with your questions. We spent a LOT of time researching this week. Keep in mind, we are are class of eight and nine-year-olds. Our research is messy but intentional. It can look misguided, but then again, that is where we find some fun facts! Genius Hour is always a daunting task. I have twenty kiddos researching twenty absolutely different topics. Each child has had to persevere and work independently until I can assist. I am proud of their effort and the information they are learning. Plus, they are all taking notes! Their questions may not be answered perfectly - or completely - some have a few touch parts. In the end, they will have learned to dig deep, research a passionate topic and share with their classmates. This is what we want in the end.

Word Work Spelling - Test, Friday, November 30. Our word work groups will be "flexible & fluid" through January. Keep an eye on your third grader's word list each week and if computer work on Scootpad will be required.

Writing - We'll combine our Genius Hour Research with composition ultimately creating a wonderful piece of writing which will highlight all of the Genius Hour work.

Math - Chapter 4 --> measuring to the nearest centimeter and 1/2 inch, line plots, polygons, special quadrilaterals, perimeter, area, number sentences for area of rectangles, and area of rectilinear figures

Reading - shared reading, book talks, main idea & details, boxes & bullet points, research online, Newsela site utilizing close reading skills and comprehension work

Science - Robotics & Sound Unit of Study

Second Step Program - Empathy

Mark Your Calendars

OLSAT Practice Test

Tuesday, December 4 - from 1:15 - 1:50


Wednesday, December 5 - from 1:15 - 2:15

Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT)

The OLSAT is administered to students in grades 1 and 3. This test is given orally to 1st graders in January and on the computer to 3rd grade students in December and is used specifically to measure abilities related to success in school, testing critical thinking and reasoning skills. The OLSAT is intended to test memory, speed of thought and ability to see relationships and patterns. Scores are normed based upon a child’s age in months rather than grade level in school and will be posted on each child’s Power School account after scoring has been completed. For more information please contact our school counselor, Mrs. Sloan.

The best things you can do for your student in preparation for a test like this are to ensure a couple of good nights of sleep before the test (especially the night before the test), encourage good eating habits (always, of course), and provide a nutritious breakfast the day of the test, Wednesday, December 5. We always have time for a snack (provided by your student) each morning around 10:30, and on December 5, having a snack certainly wouldn't hurt. But, there is nothing your student should study or specifically do academically to prepare for this test. "Stay calm and test on," so the saying goes. :)

Chaucie's Place Presentation - Body Safety Instruction

Presented by Chaucie's Place Trained Instructors

Wednesday, December 5

Location - Our Classroom

Unless I hear from you that you do NOT want your student to be a part of this presentation, your student will participate. Opt-out forms can be found in our front office or from our school counselor, Mrs. Sloan.

Next Week's Mentor Sentence

"I really need those boots," I said reassuringly to the twins.

We will focus on subject and predicate with a quote in the sentence.

Upcoming Dates

  • December 5th - Body Safety lessons (K-4th)
  • December 13th - Boone Meadow Voices concert @ 7:00
  • December 21st - Last Day of School before Winter Break

  • January 7th - Students return to school
  • January 23rd - Family STEM Night "Cardboard Challenge" 6:00-7:30