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April 28, 2019

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18 Days . . .

We have 18 days left in the 2018-19 school year. I cannot even believe the end of another year is here so soon. I know many of us are ready for a rejuvenating break, but I still cannot believe how fast it has gone. This week, as I do every week, I opened up my "Goals for the 18/19 School Year" doc and a read through my list. Afterward, I felt frustrated, disappointed in myself, and a little overwhelmed. I closed the doc in a huff, as if not seeing it would make me feel better, only to open it up again later and take another look.

You see there are a number of goals I set at the beginning of the year that I have made very little progress on. I feel bad about that; I feel like I failed in some areas. It's not that those goals somehow lost their importance, but they got pushed aside for other things that took my time and attention. Do some of them still need to be done - absolutely! Can some of them be continued - they will be. Can some of them be revised to better meet a need - yes.

At the end of a school year, when everything is piling up with testing, grades, field trips, concerts, and events, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and become frustrated that maybe we aren't reaching all of those goals we set for ourselves months ago. We sometimes let these frustrations put us in a slump, and it can be so difficult to pick back up and climb ourselves out of it. It happens to me all the time. It's something I need to work on, and I can only imagine that many of you may have the same problem as well.

Friday night on the way home from watching our Girls Tennis Team play the windiest match of tennis in history, I saw this quote on social media and it resonated with me. Yes, there are goals I set at the beginning of the year that I didn't meet. I can't go back and change the beginning. But I still have 18 days left in this school year to get some things accomplished! I can't start where I am now and change the ending. I'm not going to waste the next 18 days worrying about what didn't get done yet. Instead, I'm going to get busy doing what I can to finish strong. I hope you will consider doing the same. Together, the next 18 days can be our best yet at CN Jr/Sr HS!


Thank you Mrs. Mault for making Canstruction a part of our school! Our students, our school, and our community benefits! Finished in record time! Collected over 12,200 cans of food and used over 9000 cans in their build! From start to finish this is an amazing process!
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Congratulations to the Girls Softball Team on their 1st ever NECC Championship!
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#Make Some Noise

Great job to the CN Bands and Mrs. Gaff for a wonderful program last week. We have very talented kids and a great instructor leading them!
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Thank you to Mrs. Sprague for organizing the Tincaps Reading Program this year and to all of the students and staff who participated. Books + Baseball = Awesome!
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Climate Audit

Please remember to sign up on the shared Google Sheet for a time to meet on Wednesday. If you need help with 20 minutes of coverage please let us know.

For Your Calendars:

4/29 - Young Hoosier/Rosewater Book Trip

4/30 - iLearn Resumes

5/1 - Sr High Awards Night

5/4- Prom

5/6-5/10 - Staff Appreciation Week

5/9-10 - 6th Grade Chain O Lakes Trip

5/10 - 8th Grade Get a Life

5/15 - 8th Grade Celebration