By:Colleen Horan

General Info

  • Wind is air that is moving parallel to the ground.
  • Wind is caused by changes in air pressure.
  • Wind is the movement of air from a place of high air pressure to a low pressure place

Local Winds

  • Local winds are winds that blow over a small area of land.
  • Local winds are created by unequal heating of earth's surface over a small area.
  • Sea breezes blow in the day and from the sea to land
  • Land breezed blow at night and from land to sea

Global winds

  • Global winds are winds that blow over a much larger area than local winds usually the world
  • Convection currents are created by the temperature differences in the poles
  • Winds at the poles blow towards the equator, high up in the atmosphere winds blow away from the poles the movements create convection currents


  • Doldrums are near the equator
  • Warm air rises causing a place of low pressure cool air also moves in but it warmed very quickly
  • There is not a lot of horizontal motion so the winds are extremely weak or no winds at all

Jet streams, Polar easterlies, Prevailing westerlies

  • Jet streams are are high speed winds up in the atmosphere
  • The blow from west to east and can be up to 400 kph in speed they can also be very long
  • Polar easterlies are cold air that start at the poles and blow down to lower latitudes
  • The Coriolis effect pushes the cold air to the wast making polar easterlies later the polar easterlies meet the prevailing westerlies
  • Prevailing westerlies are winds that blow to the poles the Coriolis effect turns them east
  • The are called prevailing westerlies because they blow west to east