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The Flood Is Coming

Tuesday, Aug. 12th 1321 at 8:15am

Nile River, Egypt

Farmers be ready for the flooding of the Nile! This flood is suppose to be perfect, and all of you farmers will have a great harvest. The taxes will be low this year, so you farmers may end up with more money than last year. The flood is suppose to be furious and quick, so make sure your irrigation system is good to go. Good luck farmers and check out the new irrigation system below.
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Tutankhamen (King Tut) Wife's Has Another Miscarriage.

After one miscarriage, Tutankhamen really hoped for a child, but surprisingly he failed again. Tutankhamen will most likely continue trying to have children with different women until he has several. Doctors are still inspecting Tutankhamen's wife to see why she had two stillborn children. Who will be the pharaoh if Tutankhamen has no children?

Interview With Tutankhamen

Reporter: Hello Tutankhamen, we are here to ask you some questions.

Tutankhamen: Yes, feel free to ask anything!

Reporter: How would you describe how you look?

Tutankhamen: I am the cutest pharaoh ever, and no one will be cuter than me. I look like my father, I have wide hips and buck teeth.

Reporter: What are you doing today?

Tutankhamen: Later today I am going hunting. I have the best chariot and horses so I am sure I will catch some hippos. I have to go very soon so I have time for one more question.

Reporter: Do you go to school or have anyone teach you?

Tutankhamen: No, I am the smartest pharaoh ever, and I am excellent in math. See I + II = IIII

Archery Competition and Wooden Sword Fights

Sunday, Sep. 7th 1321 at 9:30am

Thebes, Egypt

Archery Competition: Anyone who is a warrior or a hunter should join the archery competition to show off their skills and win some great prizes such as a new bow and some great food. Not only that but our pharaoh Tutankhamen will be there watching you. He will be watching you to see if he wants to take you on his next hunt. Are you good enough to be hunting with Tutankhamen?

Wooden Sword Fight: If you think your the finest sword fighter in all of Egypt then you should challenge many of your fellow friends in a friendly sword fight. The sword fight will show Tutankhamen how good of a fighter you are. If you are the best sword fighter, then you should likely have a high rank in the army. Are you ready for the sword fight?

Nekhmin Is the Best Scribe In Town

Nekhmin is the scribe for Tutankhamen and does everything perfectly. He has beautiful hand writing so you should never have a hard time reading his writing. Nekhmin can also put a beautiful design on your tablet. If you ever need an outstanding, fantastic scribe Nekhmin is the one for you, and if he is good enough for the king he is good enough for you.

Tragic Primary Source About Building the Pyramids Is Found

Primary Source Tablet:

Building the pyramids is much harder than you think. I was one of the few that volunteered to build a very large pyramid for our Pharaoh Khufu. Myself and a few other lean men stood on the hot sand waiting. I was unsure what we were waiting for then I saw a boat across the Nile. It was carrying large blocks of limestone. As soon as the boat crossed the river we pulled the heavy, heavy blocks to make the base of the pyramid. I was fine building the base layers of the pyramids, but I didn't want to go any higher than ten blocks of limestone stacked on each other. I only had this fear because my brother had fallen off a pyramid before and died. I knew I would have to go up, so when racing day came I was scared out of my mind. My group and myself grabbed the rope and began puling it up the ramp to the 17th level of blocks. We turned left off the ramps and positioned our block of limestone. We did this multiple times, and on our last turn we ran up the ramp and placed our block, but the block below me was lose. The block slid out from under and then everything went black, and that is why I can no longer walk, but I'm thankful I'm still alive to tell my story.

Daily Animated Joke!

The Egyptian Pyramids - Funny Animated Short Film (Full HD)

Tutankhamen Changes His Name

As we know Tutankhamen became pharaoh with the name Tutankhamen. Tutankhamen has told us that he has been thinking about changing his name and finally has. He is changing his name from Tutankhamen, which means living image of the Aten, to Tutankhamen Heqaiunshema, which means living image of Amun, ruler of Heliopolis of Upper Egypt. Tutankhamen says he will still be addressed as Tutankhamen, but his formal name is Tutankhamen Heqaiunshema.