The Council House Fight

By Dylan Butler, Maddie Sanford and Stephanie Wendling

Synopsis (What Happened) Date happened: March 9, 1840

There was a fight between the Comanche Indians during a peace meeting in San Antonio. The deal was if Texas let the Indians back in they’d free their captive anglos. Yet the Comanche Indian leaders only brought one girl , Matilda Lockhart , who looked as if she had been tortured. This angered the Texans and they refused to let the Comanche leaders leave until the rest of the captives were delivered. When the leaders tried to leave they were attacked. It led to the deaths of 7 Texans and many Comanche leaders , who were unarmed and outnumbered. This conflict was named the Council House Fight.

It's impact on Texas

After this battle, there were fewer Comanche raids, but bad feelings continued for decades.

Some of The Significant Individuals

Significant Individuals

The individuals were Sam Houston , Matilda Lockhart , Felix Huston, and Colonel Edward Burleson .

This Is The Council House Fight.