Amendments 1 and 3

Two Of The Most Important Amendments In Our Lives

The Use of Amendments in our World

In all there are 27 amendments to the Constitution that all Americans know. These amendments were put in place to make new rules or change certain rules as we the citizens needed. Many of these amendments give us rights that other countries lack. This makes us one of the most free countries in the world. It is undeniable that amendments to the Constitution are of utter most importance to us. I believe that amendments 1 and 3 are amazing and here's why...

Amendment 1

Amendment 1 gives us the freedom of speech and press. In a world where everyone knows everyone, it is often difficult to get across your ideas and feelings without insulting someone. This applies a lot to politics and change in a government. We in America are very lucky to have the right to say and write what we want to. In other countries in the world, just saying a joke about a ruler could mean jail time. In some extreme cases it could mean death. The 1st Amendment is extremely important to our everyday society. Without everyone having a voice our world would be nowhere near where it is now.

Amendment 3

Amendment 3 gives us the right to refuse soldiers from using our houses. In colonial times this is exactly what the British did. In an attempt to bring more control to America, the King sent thousands of troops to the colonies. This forced the colonists to keep the troops in their houses which was extremely upsetting. Not only did they have to live with them, but colonists also had to provide the soldiers with troops with food and water. The 3rd amendment gives us the freedom from having to ever do this again. In my eyes it is a very important thing and can save us a lot of unneeded stress.