Glengary Gazette

May 3, 2022

A Message from Mrs. Johnson

Dear Glengary Families,

It's so hard to think that we have only 6 weeks left of the 21-22 school year! Someone told me this morning that we have 27 more school day wake-ups left! WOW! To hear it like that makes it very real that we have entered into the final leg of this school year.

While we only have 6 weeks left, we still have 6 weeks left! A lot of learning and experiences will take place over the next month and a half. Thank you for working in partnership to help keep our Gators focused and doing their very best so we can finish the year STRONG!

As always, the Glengary Staff is here to support you. Should you have questions or if concerns arise, please reach out to your child's teacher or myself and we will work together to find a solution. I can be reached at or at 248-956-3100.

Here's to a GREAT week ahead!


Important Dates


* M-STEP & MI-Access Testing Continues

*5/2-6/3 Final i-Ready Diagnostic (Exact testing dates will be shared by your teacher)

5/2-5/6: Staff Appreciation Week

5/3: PTA Meeting Cancelled (rescheduled to 5/10)

5/4-5/5: Bike Days in PE

5/5: Board Meeting @ 7 PM

5/6: Are You Moving Form & Parent/Guardian Input Form Due (see below)

5/6: Family STEAM Night 6-8 PM

5/9-5/13: Disability Awareness Week @ Glengary

5/10: Final PTA Meeting @ 6:30 PM

5/14: Glengary Beautification Day (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

5/16: Flower Sale Delivery

5/16: PTSA Installation and Awards 6:30-9:00 PM

516: Student Council Meeting

5/18-5/23: Vision Screening 4yr. old, ESCE, Headstart, Grades 1,3,5, Level 4 Categorical

5/20: Northern-Senior Walk/Clap-Out

5/27: 1/2 Day of School for Students and Staff


6/2: Field Day

6/3: Daddy/Daughter Dance

6/4: Mom/Son Day

Positivity Project

Positivity Project

This Week (May 1-7) the character strength of focus is Leadership. The following week (May 8-14) the character strength of focus will be Outro Week-Other People Matter Mindset.

Please take a look at the links below for each strength as they will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to partner in this important work. The resources in the links below were created to help parents reinforce this important learning at home. Thank you!

21-22 P2 Calendar

Consider printing the calendar to help keep track of the character strengths we will learn each week!

Leadership Parent Links Below

Outro Week-Other People Matter Mindset

This will be the final "official" week of the Positivity Project at Glengary entitled the Outro Week. During this week, students will have the opportunity to reflect on all 24 character strengths that they learned about this year and the five components of the Other People Mindset. Students will also be encouraged to think about their top character strength and how they use the Other People Matter Mindset. Finally, students will reflect on the character strengths they want to continue to develop and refine. Although this will be our last "official" week, students will continue to practice all character strengths throughout the remainder of the year and hopefully, beyond! Thanks for your partnership as we have worked together to develop the character strengths and mindset of our Gators!

New Information

Dismissal Time Change

Due to no bus cancellations, our Apple Pick-Up dismissal is moving much more efficiently. In fact, we are consistently done with Apple Pick-Up between 4:00-4:02 PM. Busses are not dismissed until 4:05-4:07, based on our official 4:00 release time district-wide. As a result, we are moving Apple Pick-Up and Walker release time back by 5 minutes to maximize instructional time and to stay in alignment with our district dismissal time. The new timeframes are detailed below. This will go into effect on Thursday, 5/5.

3:50: Apple Pick-Up Dismissal Begins and Walkers Dismissed

3:55: Bus Dismissal Begins

4:05-4:07: Busses Depart

Bus Pass Reminders

Walled Lake Schools Transportation does not allow students to ride a bus they are not assigned to. The only bus passes allowed are if your student has permission from both sets of parents to get off at another student's bus stop and they are assigned to ride the same bus.

Final i-Ready Diagnostic Testing Begins

The testing window for administration of the final i-Ready Diagnostic opened on Monday, 5/2 and will close on 6/3. Teachers are carefully preparing students for this important assessment through data chats, goal setting, review of testing expectations, etc.

We ask for your partnership through this testing window as it is critical that students are prepared and ready to do their very best. You can help by sharing with your child the importance of this assessment, as it is an indicator of your child’s progress within the Michigan Standards and will assist us in knowing the progress of our student body at Glengary Elementary. Additionally, we ask that our families make every effort for your child to be in attendance and on time on days that your class is testing. Please make sure that your child is getting a good night's sleep before testing and a healthy breakfast is recommended as well. This is the best way that you can help your child to be successful on their assessments. Thank you!


One of the many reasons why our school is so special is our AMAZING teachers and staff. Each year, we show our appreciation and celebrate them during Staff Appreciation Week (May 2-6). Linked below is a Smore that was created to highlight "The Favorite Things" of our staff. Feel free to check it out!

Our PTA has done a phenomenal job transforming Glengary to fit the theme of Wizard of Oz for Staff Appreciation Week (see photos below). Halls were decorated, the lounge stocked, and our very generous families have shared kind words, gifts and more with our staff in honor of Staff Appreciation Week.

On behalf of the entire Glengary Staff, THANK YOU to our amazing Glengary families for celebrating us this week! Please know how grateful we are for your generosity and display of appreciation!

Big picture

Glengary STEAM Night: Friday, May 6th 6-8 PM

Glengary’s Family STEAM Night is back and will take place from 6-8 PM this Friday, May 6. This is an exciting, free event that you won’t want to miss! There will be interactive activities and featured presentations with special guests that support science, technology, engineering, art, and math set up all around the school for your family to enjoy! Click on the Smore Link below to learn about all of the featured events that will be on site! Each activity contains and description and the time it will take place so that you can map out your evening based on your families specific interests! Note, one featured event is a Breakout EDU challenge for students in grades 3-5 which will require sign-up (linked in the smore). STEAM Night will also include a Silent Auction and Raffle…all info in the link below!

Glengary Beautification Day: Save the Date!

Saturday, May 14th from 9:00 AM -12:00 PM, Glengary will host a school beautification day! We are looking for interested families to volunteer and use the character strength of teamwork as we work together to weed, lay mulch, paint rocks, plant, edge, and more!

Please use the Sign Up Genius below if you are able to volunteer your time or materials to our beautification efforts! Email Joanna Valentine ( and Chelsea Hannan ( with any questions. Thanks!

*A HUGE Shout-Out to the Calzada family who gave us a head start by giving our front beds a complete make over this past weekend! Thank you!

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Earth Day Clean Up

A HUGE shout-out to Glengary 1st graders and a local Girl Scout's Troop who cleaned up lots of trash on the school grounds in honor of Earth Day! Thank you also to all families who donated to our can/bottle drive! Proceeds are being totaled and will be used for our school beautification project!

Class of 2022 Senior Walk

Our Glengary Gators will line the halls on Friday, May 20th and clap for the graduating seniors who once attended Glengary! More info in the flyer below!
Big picture

Welcome, New Gators!

Do you know of a family who will be joining our school community next year? Please help us plan for the 2022-2023 school year! We encourage all new families to enroll ASAP! Whether they are a new kindergarten family or a family that recently moved into our attendance area, new Gators should visit to begin the enrollment process. Please also call our main office so we can add them to our email list. This helps us plan for the correct number of sections per grade level and impacts class sizes. Please spread the word and encourage new Gator families to enroll ASAP!

Not Returning to Glengary for 22-23

In order to plan for the 2022- 2023 school year, we need to know which current students will not be returning to Glengary in the fall. Some families already have definite plans to move to another community and some families may be contemplating a possible move. Please click on the button below and complete the Google Form if your child(ren) will not be returning to Glengary in the fall. Please complete this form by Friday, May 6.

Please fill this form out if you are not returning to GLE in the fall due to moving or relocating to a different elementary school. If you are staying at Glengary Elementary for the 22-23 school year, please DO NOT complete this form.

Are You Moving Form?

Due Friday, May 6

Parent/Guardian Input for the 22-23 School Year

Every spring, we begin the process of placement for the upcoming school year. We value parent input in the placement process. If you would like, please fill out the parent input form below to share your input which will be considered, among other factors, during the placement process. Please understand that parent requests for specific teachers are not accepted and staffing will not be finalized until August. However, I do invite you to share information about your child as a learner, so we can make the best placement decision. This form is not mandatory. Rather, it is here if you have something you feel is important to share. Due Friday, May 6th.

April i-Ready School-Wide Challenge: Scoop-Tacular Results

* For the month of April, there was a K-2 competition and a 3-5 competition. Congrats to the following grade-levels!

K-2 Competition:

Congrats to 2nd grade who collectively passed 404 reading lessons over the month of April!

Congrats to 1st grade who collectively passed 399 math lessons over the month of April!

3-5 Competition:

Congrats to 3rd grade who collectively passed 356 reading lessons over the month of April!

Congrats to 3rd grade who collectively passed 253 math lessons over the month of April and 4th grade who collectively passed 244 math lessons (but tied with 3rd grade after earning bonus scoops of ice cream for 80% or more of the class engaging in 45 min per week of i-Ready lessons.)

Grade level winners will be announced on Wednesday and will receive their prize during the month of May!

Bike Day: 5/4 & 5/5

This week, students will be allowed to bring their bikes to school to ride on the track during their PE classes on either Wednesday or Thursday!

What can students bring? if it’s on wheels, AND powered by you (no electric powered scooters, bikes, hoverboards, etc.) then you can bring it! So students are welcome to bring bikes, tricycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, etc. to ride during P.E. We

are requiring that any students bringing something “upright” to ride (bikes, stand up scooters, skateboards, etc.) must also bring and wear a helmet for safety reasons.

How do you get the bikes to school? Bikes will not be able to be dropped off in our morning drop off line as that will really slow down our arrival. Students who walk to and from school are welcome to ride their bikes to Glengary (with parent permission)

that morning. Bikes will be tagged with your students name, and held inside the gym until the students PE time. Mr. Vogt is also offering the following times for drop off/pick up:

Bike Drop Off In The Front Bus Loop:

  • Tuesday May 3 from 4:15-6:00 p.m
  • Wednesday May 4 from 7:30-8:15 a.m.
  • Thursday May 5 from 7:30-8:15 a.m.
  • Bikes will be kept safe the gym overnight

*Bikes can be dropped off in the front loop - but MUST be dropped off by 8:15.

Bike Pick Up In The Front Bus Loop:

Any bikes not being ridden home by students can be picked up:

* Thursday after school between the hours of 4:15-5:00 p.m., or between 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Bike Day participation during their PE classes on the following days:

Wednesday, May 4:

Krass, McBryar, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade

Thursday, May 5:

Kindergarten, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade

Glengary Mileage Club - Spring 2022

Mileage Club will continue on Fridays, April 29th - June 3rd (weather permitting). Mileage Club is a running/walking program that encourages kids to exercise during their lunch recess. Students can bring back their necklaces each Friday so they can add their earned toe tokens for miles ran. This program is loads of fun and encourages students to exercise during their lunch recess. This is a free program for all Glengary students. Please contact Alaina Finkel at or 734-718-2455 with any questions.

ESSER Equalization Survey - Responses Requested!

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools, like all school districts across the Country, has benefitted from a variety of COVID-related funding. There are many requirements around how these funds can and should be spent. As we plan how to best optimize these dollars, it is important to us that we obtain feedback from our students, parents, leaders, staff, and communities.

Before completing the survey linked below, please watch this short video webinar in which Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Teri Les provides the necessary background information for the survey. Please also see the list of parameters and guiding principles included below:

Some parameters and guiding principles to be consider include:

  • 51.4% of this funding must be spent addressing learning loss

  • 10.3% of this funding must be spent on summer programs

  • 10.3% of this funding must be spent on after school programs:

    • 100% of this funding must be spent exclusively on the following subgroups of students: Economically disadvantaged, students of color, students with disabilities, English learners, migrant students, homeless students, foster care students

  • This funding is not recurring

  • Funds must be spent in the next couple of years

  • This represents an opportunity to invest in our students, staff, programs, and resources in ways unavailable in recent years

  • Most importantly, the use of these funds should benefit the largest number of students possible

After reviewing this short video webinar, please be sure to fill out the short survey linked below.

Glengary PTA Information

PTA Meeting Rescheduled

The final PTA meeting of the 21-22 school year was scheduled for today, Tuesday, May 3rd. Due to a scheduling conflict, the final PTA meeting will be rescheduled for next Tuesday, May 10 at 6:30 PM. This is an important meeting to discuss next year's events, budget discussions and signing off on our bylaws! The meeting will begin at 6:30 pm in the media center and childcare will be provided!

Daddy Daughter Dance: 6/3

Please save the date! Hard copy invites will be sent home soon.
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Mom-Son Game Day

Mom-Son Game Day is coming June 4th. Mark your calendars, tie up your shoes, and be ready to play kickball!!! Last call for kickball participants - teams will be formed and rosters will be made!

Earth Day Can/Bottle Drive

Thank you for the generous donations for the Earth Day Can/Bottle Drive! Donations will be totaled and shared soon!

All proceeds will be used to support an upcoming Glengary Beautification Project.

Spring Flower Sale Pick-Up May 16th: Volunteers Needed!

The PTA is looking for a MANY volunteers to help with our Spring Flower Delivery Day on 5/16! Volunteers will help unload flowers from the delivery truck, sort orders or help in the apple pick up loop where families will drive through and place flowers into trunks. Please consider helping on our flower delivery day and sign up by clicking the link below!

Spring Flower Delivery Day is Monday, 5/16!

To pick up your flower order, please use the Apple Pick-up Loop and have a Glengary volunteer load your order into your trunk!

Pick-Up Times:

2:00pm - 3:00 pm OR 4:15 pm – 6:00 pm

We will not be loading any plants for pick up during school dismissal times. We must keep the Apple Pick Up loop clear at all times. If the line is clear before 4:15, we can start Flower pick up sooner.

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold items for a separate pick-up date. Please plan on picking up your order on 5/16! Any orders that are not picked up will be donated to a good cause.

Thank you, we appreciate all of your orders and support this year!

-The Glengary PTA

Final Bagel Day: May 27

The final Bagel day is Friday, May 27. As a reminder, bagel days are prepay only.

Congratulations to our 2022-23 Executive Board

President: Alison Burke

Vice President: Andrea Halimi

Secretary: Jessica Brattina

Treasurer: Cara Richards

Legislative Advocate: Carly Zieske

Membership Chairs: Yoko Metcalf and Maureen Yessian

Volunteer Coordinator: Wendi Oliver

Social Media Coordinator: Alaina Finkel

5th Grade Information

Big picture

5th Grade T-Shirts

The parent committee planning the end-of-year festivities is ordering t-shirts that 5th graders to wear during the 5th grade picnic. A note about the t-shirts went home last week (also attached below). In this note, we are asking that anyone who is able to contribute $5 toward the t-shirt please do so. If you wish to contribute more to cover the cost of someone who is unable to make a financial contribution toward a shirt, we appreciate this as well!

We need all families to complete the brief electronic survey below by Friday, May 13, so we can order appropriate t-shirt sizes for each student.

Please reach out to 5th grade parent, Jennifer Martin, with any questions. (

5th Grade Photos Needed

We are still in need of Kindergarten photos for many of our 5th graders! As a reminder, the 5th grade celebration will take place on Thursday, June 9. This celebration is set to begin at 9:30 AM. Part of the celebration will include a photo montage of our 5th Grade Gators! This photo montage will include a photo of each student from Kindergarten and from 5th grade. We are able to use 5th grade photos that were taken during the 21-22 school year by Lifetouch for the presentation. With that said, we are in need of Kindergarten photos for all 5th grade students.

Additionally, we are in search of a variety of photos throughout the years for our current 5th graders (i.e.- class parties, field day, Fun Run, etc.).

Please send your photos to as soon as possible.

Previously Shared Information

M-STEP and MI-Access Testing Continues (3rd-5th Grade Students)

Throughout the month of April and May, students in grades 3-5 will continue to take the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) & the MI-Access (Alternate Assessment). The M-STEP will be given online and MI-Access will be give via paper/pencil and will measure student knowledge of the State of Michigan’s academic standards in English Language arts (ELA), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Below are the testing windows for each grade level. Exact testing dates for each grade-level were previously shared with families. Please make every attempt to avoid having your child miss school on testing dates below and to have your child to school on time.


State Spring Testing Window: April 11-May 20 (6 Week Testing Window)

* Online testing window for grade 3-5: April 11-May 20

* Online testing for grade 3 (ELA ONLY): April 11-May 6 (NOTE: ELA Testing for 3rd Grade to be completed by May 6th in alignment with state requirements and the 3rd grade Reading Law).

*MI-Access Alternate Assessments: April 11-May 27

Please share with your child the importance of these assessments, as they are an indicator of your child’s progress within the Michigan Standards and will assist us in knowing the progress of our student body at Glengary Elementary. Below you will find some additional M-STEP resources and information.

lakes area youth assistance supports extra-curriculars for students!

The goal of Youth Enrichment is to provide scholarships to a targeted group of youth for activities/camps that would enable them to develop a special talent or interest in which, due to a lack of funds, they would otherwise be unable to participate. These Skill Building/Camp scholarships are aimed at expanding the child's horizon, increasing the child's skills, building self-confidence, and enhancing self-esteem.

Please see the application below for more information or call LAYA directly at 248-956-5070.

Kindergarten Registration Continues

Kindergarten Registration continues! Click on the link below to find step-by-step directions for how to register!

**Please note that new this year, both a hearing screening and a vision screening are required!

Walled Lake Preschool Registration Open Now!

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What is Summer Adventures?

Returning for our 16th year, Summer Adventures is a state licensed summer program which provides children with an alternative to traditional daycare. Campers will participate in outdoor sports, fun at the Richardson center, arts and crafts, daily swim in the high school indoor pool, scavenger hunts, theme days, special guests and other great fun! Choose as many or as few days as you like with our Flexible Scheduling.

Location: Walled Lake CENTRAL High School

Dates: June 15 - August 19 (closed on 7/1 and 7/4)
Days: Monday - Friday
Time: 7:00am - 6:00pm

· Drop Off Time: 7:00am - 9:00am

· Pick Up Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Pre-Registration Fee: $48.00
Daily Fee: $40.00 per day.
Drop In Fee: $55.00 per day (Please keep in mind, the one-time registration fee of $48.00 will apply)

All forms must be completed and received before your child can stay at Summer Adventures

Summer Adventure Forms

Please Note: There will be a $5.00 late fee for every camper picked up AFTER 6:00pm and an additional $1.00 per minute charge after 6:10pm. A $7.00 per day / per child transfer fee will be charged if schedule changes need to be made.

ZOOFEST: Register Now!

Glengary families are invited to the Detroit Zoo on July 10th from 8:00-12:00 for a unique mental health event called 'The Wild Walk 4 Mental Health.' Hosted by Words of Hope 4 Life and Glengary parent, Nikki O’Donnell, this event is sure to bring fun and education to all!

The event will be a full day of family fun including the mental health walk, activities for kids and the families, a sound stage, selfie stations, a scavenger hunt and so much more! In addition to learning about mental health and wellness through the various fun events and walk, participants will have the added benefit of getting access to the zoo for the day!

Use the link below to purchase tickets and be sure to select Glengary Elementary under affiliation! For every ticket purchased, a monetary donation of $1 per ticket will come back to Glengary.

Looking forward to seeing many of our Glengary Gators at this fun summer event!

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The District is now offering optional COVID testing to our staff, students, and parents. Both Rapid and PCR tests are available. The testing will take place at the Educational Services Center (850 Ladd Road, Building D Walled Lake, MI 48390) on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2-7 p.m.

The COVID testing staff, provided by a third party, will be responsible for letting people in the side door on the south side of the building.

· If you have insurance, your insurance provider will be billed.

· If you do not have insurance, there is a cost of $110.00 for a PCR test and $50.00 for a rapid test - This comes as a result of the Federal Government no longer providing funding for testing.

To set up an appointment for testing, please complete the form below.

Food Support Available

Glengary partners with The Student Pantry who makes generous donations to families in need. If your family would benefit from weekly food donations, please email RosaLeigh Johnson (

You May Be Eligible To Receive Internet Essentials At No Cost

Internet Essentials offers high-speed home Internet for a low monthly price. You may be eligible to receive Internet Essentials at no cost with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP provides eligible households a credit of up to $30/month towards internet service.

Apply today if you qualify for programs like the Federal Pell Grant, National School Lunch Progam, SNAP, Medicaid, housing assistance, and others. For additional information, see the EI ACP Fact Sheet.

Visit, call 1-855-846-8376 or hold your phone's camera over the code. standard data charges apply.

Illnesses Other than COVID-19

Standard Practice Reminders:

  • If a student has had a fever, he/she must stay home from school until he/she has been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications.
  • If a student has vomited, he/she must stay home from school for 24 hours.
  • Students with a rash may not attend school without a doctor's note clearing them to return to school.

Options for Illness

This is an important reminder that while COVID numbers continue to decline, we still MUST take all symptoms seriously, especially those that are suggestive of COVID. If your child has ONE or more of the symptoms under section 1 and/or TWO or more of the symptoms under section 2, they are Suggestive of COVID and therefore, have 3 options BEFORE returning to school.

Section 1:


-Shortness of breath

-Difficulty breathing

-New loss of taste or smell

Section 2

-Fever (100.4 degrees +)


-Diarrhea (2x in 24 hours)


-Congestion/runny nose


-Muscle Aches

-Sore Throat

-Nausea/Vomiting (2X in 24 hours)


If your child has ONE or more symptom from section 1 and/or TWO or more symptoms from section 2, the options for returning to school include the following:

  1. Get tested for COVID-19 and return to school with proof of a negative PRC test result. Rapid tests are not acceptable. Documentation must be provided to the office.

  1. Stay home from school and isolate at home for a minimum of 5 calendar days since symptom onset.

  1. Provide a note from your physician indicating a clear alternate diagnosis (e.g. positive strep throat, bronchitis, etc.). Student must be fever free for over 24 hours without fever reducing medicine with an improvement in symptoms before returning.

Golden Apple Award Nominations - 2021-22

Looking for an opportunity to recognize an outstanding individual in Walled Lake? The purpose of the Golden Apple Award is to recognize an outstanding contribution of time, talent and effort to support the students, parents and staff of Walled Lake Schools. Click on the nomination link below.

Reoccuring Links

Walled Lake District Update

Please click on the button below for the Walled Lake District Update.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Our district maintains a COVID-19 Dashboard which is updated throughout the week. The dashboard is currently linked on our district website and has also been included in recent district updates. Per district protocols, we continue to report all COVID-19 positive cases to the Oakland County Health Division (OCHD). Our district will continue to monitor both building and classroom numbers. Parents can also refer to the district’s FAQ document.

COVID Reporting

This is a friendly reminder that positive COVID cases of students and household members should be reported to office staff as soon as possible so we can complete our necessary protocols.

To report positive COVID cases parents should email the following office staff:

RosaLeigh Johnson:

Cheryl Maten:

Melissa Roth:

In the email, please include the following information:

Your child's name

Your child's grade

Your child's teacher

Your name

Your contact phone number

The date of symptom onset

The date of exposure (if known)

The date your child was tested

Type of testing (Rapid at Home, Rapid in Facility, or PCR in Facility)

Name and location of the testing facility

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Community Education Classes offered through WLCSD

Check out the link below for a variety of Community Ed classes that are offered through WLCSD.

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Scholarship Available for Camp Trotter

On behalf of, and sponsored by the Northville American Legion, we are sharing this summer camp application to Camp Trotter in Newaygo, MI. This application is for children ages 7-12 years old and the Northville American Legion is offering to sponsor and send up to 4 students to camp for free from the WLCSD.

Other Information

22-23 WLCSD Calendar

We are pleased to share with you that the 2022-23 school year calendar has been finalized! We know what an important resource this tool is for our families and we are pleased to share this with you in advance. This calendar reflects important dates such as the first day of school, half days, school breaks and more.

Food Services

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Food Service Information

For the 2021-22 school year, breakfast and lunch is free for all students. If you would normally fill out a form to receive free or reduced lunch, we ask that you do so for accounting purposes. Forms are available on the district food service web page.

Below you will find the breakfast and lunch menus for October. You will also find the contact information for our Food Service Department.

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Communication is Key at Glengary Elementary!

Communication is important to us at Glengary. Parents will be notified and updated in a variety of ways throughout the school year. The majority of information for parents will be available on our school and District website and through email.


It is critical that parents keep an updated email address and let us know if it changes as soon as possible. Parents may update this information for us on Skyward Family Access. All teachers at Glengary utilize Skyward Family Access to communicate with parents.Report cards, lunch account information, progress reports, attendance, and other important information will always be posted on Skyward Family Access. If you are a new family to Walled Lake Schools or have misplaced or lost your Family Access ID and password, please click HERE to get connected.

Glengary Gazette AND School Web Page

Our Glengary Gazette newsletter will be sent electronically to families. This is typically a bi-weekly communication filled with all important school and PTA updates. As we begin the year, the communication may be sent on a weekly basis if needed. An archive of newsletters will be posted to our school website. Please visit this page often for information about our school. You will find links to important documents, websites and blogs from your child's classroom, PTA forms and information, and important updates and forms that you will need to access.

PTA Website and Updates

Our PTA has an excellent website with upcoming events, fundraiser information, PTA membership links, and other pertinent information and forms. PTA information and updates are also shared with the Tuesday Tidbits.

Social Media

Glengary Elementary also has a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter which are linked below!

Glengary Contact Information

RosaLeigh Johnson


Cheryl Maten

Principal's Secretary:

Melissa Roth

Building Secretary:

Important Phone Numbers:

Main Line: 248-956-3100

Fax Line: 248-956-3105
Attendance: 248-956-3190