Life Before the Constitution

By: Haley Klees

Life as a Worker

I am a shoemaker in Manchester, New Hampshire and I have recently gone into debt because I had to borrow money for tools. I thought that the money would be easy to repay since my state government is issuing paper money, putting more money in circulation, and making it easier for ordinary working people to buy things. But sadly it hasn't turned out the way I planed, my state legislature voted to stop issuing paper money. There is less money available now and each dollar is worth more than it was. I can't charge as much for my shoes because people can't buy them and the man who lent me the money for my tools is hounding me to pay him back, he is threatening to take me to court where I can get thrown in jail. This is a disaster!

Life as a Farmer

I am a farmer with a small amount of land in western Massachusetts and I am badly in debt. I am in debt because my crops failed last year and I had to borrow money to buy food and a new plow. On top of this, I am behind in paying my state taxes which are very high right now. I could be thrown in jail for being behind on taxes and for owing money to the bank. And worse of all, my land has been taken away to pay off some of the money that I owe. If only I didn't have to pay back the bank in cash, I have some crops I can give the banker instead.

Life as a Banker

I am a banker and merchant in New York. I make my money by providing loans to people and getting paid an interest on these loans. Some bad things have been happening lately. For instance, legislatures have pasted a law that now lets debtors pay back their loans in kind with corn, tobacco, or whatever they may have of any value. In other words, a banker might lend $100 and get paid back two cows! Its outrageous!