Mighty Julian

Save the day from Dr.Freeze

Chapter 1

One day in Lincoln Julian was taking a walk in the park.Then he herd a noise in the woods.He went to check it out then he saw someone frozen.He's thinking of Dr.Freeze then he saw him hurried up and changed but he was to late Dr.Freeze was gone.So he hurried up and got to his car and drove to the mansion looked on the computer but he couldn't find him.He went to the city and looked in the bank because he thought he would be there when I walked in the security was frozen.He went to the bank vault he saw it was it was blew up so he went inside the he saw Dr.Freeze stealing the money so he hurried up but on his suit and want to go stop him but Dr.Freeze froze but his arm were free so he broke free but Dr.Freeze was gong.So he went back to the mansion he find Dr.Freeze so he went into the sewer because that's were he was at.He saw snow everywhere so he followed the snow and saw Dr.Freeze he used his invisibility cloak and threw Dr.Freeze on the ground and threw him in jail.Then the next week Julian got a call from the police station saying that Dr.Freeze escaped and left a not saying '' Julian meet me at the park ''.

Chapter 2

So Julian went to the park he started to look around but nothing.So he started walking but he got this strange feeling someone was following him so he turned around as fast as he could go but no one was there.But he knew someone was there he had that feeling inside his bones he thought he was going crazy like Dr.Freeze was messing with his brain.So he finally saw him Dr.Freeze so he hurried and hid behind the bushes and watched him looking around trying to to find Julian be he couldn't hours went by and he still was there just waiting.So he saw that he left a note left behind saying i'm watching always that kind of freaked out Julian because he knew that he was there witch freaked him out.The note said come to the graveyard i will leave a note and it will say... there was nothing else on the not except Dr.Freeze.So he hurried up ran as fast as he could to his car when he got there all his tires were gong he looked around and no one was there.

Chapter 3

So Julian had to walk there was no other way to get to the graveyard it took him 2 hours but he was there he saw Dr.Freeze and went at him he didn't even care if he figured out who he was all he cared about was getting him in jail.But Dr.Freeze knew he was there and froze him even before he could touch him Julian said you'll never get away with this Dr.Freeze said o i already have and there's nothing you can do about it because who's the one that's frozen o ya you see you later.