The Bailey Bunch Kindergarten News

Ms. Bailey & Mrs. Shumpert's Class: Week of 14th-18th

Dear Families,
It's hard to believe, but this is our last week of school before Winter Break. Friday, December 18th is our last day, and students will return on Tuesday, January 5th. This week will be filled with laughter, learning, and maybe even some surprises for YOU! Be sure to ask your child about our Elf, Snow. He has been very busy reporting our good choices to Santa. The children love to see where he hides each morning. So far, we know he loves floor toys, sitting with the stuffed animals, and he's a fan of bubble gum too!

All Aboard The Polar Express!

This week we will ride the Polar Express! During this mini-unit, we will read this favorite Christmas book, watch the movie, and go on a pretend train ride. The conductor will punch our tickets and we will have hot chocolate and sweet rolls. Please allow your child to wear pajamas to school next Friday, December 18th, just as the children in our story did. No slippers, due to safety concerns. We look forward to an exciting time and want 100% participation in this special activity.

We also would like to have a special pizza lunch in our room on Friday, December 18th. If possible, we are asking for two dollars from each child to purchase pizza. Please send in the money by Wednesday, December 16th. This will be in place of our regular cafeteria lunch that day. Thanks for your help!

Happy Holidays!

Ms. Bailey and Mrs. Shumpert

Dates, Reminders, and Information

  • December 21st-Jan 4th Winter Break

Kid's Korner

Enjoy a few pictures from our week. We found lots of things that were attracted to magnets. The kids thought it was magic, but we learned that it was force of attraction. We also learned what it means when objects repel each another. The kids thought that was really cool! Ask you child what he/she should never touch with a magnet. Ask why? We had a great discussion about protecting phones and computers.

A Peek at the Week

**Some skills are repeated from week to week as they require additional time to learn and practice.
Read Alouds: Holiday and Winter Stories:


*Addition and Subtraction to 10
Counting objects from 1-20, understanding that the arrangement of the objects doesn't change the number, adding one more makes the quantity bigger, last number said while counting objects equals total amount, greater than, less than, equal to, addition to five

Writing Workshop-
Staying on one topic throughout our whole book, writing beginning, middle, and end of stories, editing for upper-case letters in correct places, writing stories that have beginning, middle, and end

Reading Workshop- Types of texts:
Fiction/non-fiction, poems, informational texts, biographies, auto-biographies


  • sinking and floating, magnetic materials, flexibility, weight, water absorbing materials/ repelling materials, natural objects and man-made objects

Name Writing- Please help your child practice writing his/her first name using the proper letter formation and only capitalize the first letter. See examples of letter formations in your child's binder if you need assistance.

Counting- Please help your child by putting items in a line and practice counting, saying the number name, and touching each object as he/she counts aloud.