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  • For about 100 years in Athens they were ruled by a direct democracy.
  • It didn't last long but it was the kind of democracy the Athens invented.
  • Direct democracy was something we picked up from the Athens.


Daily LIves


  • Olives
  • Wheat
  • Grapes
  • Cheese
  • Fish


  • In Athens they worshiped Athena, Goddess of wisdom.
  • They also worshiped Poseidon, the God of the sea and earthquakes.
  • They also worshiped Zeus, Athena's father also the God of all Gods and Goddesses


  • Boys went to school. They learned poetry and they learned to play the lyre. The boys studied public speaking, drama, reading, and writing. Then sons of nobles went to high school for 4 more years. In those 4 years they learned about sciences, arts, politics, and government.
  • Girls didn't go to school. They stayed home and cleaned most of the time. When the poor girls weren't cleaning their mother was teaching them everything she could like weaving baskets, making rugs, making wall paintings, and sewing clothes. The rich girls were taught how to read and write and do everything else the other girls did.

Important Places/ Buildings

  • One of the most important buildings was up on a big rock and it was a temple called Parthenon. Inside of the temple there is a statue of the Greek goddess Athena.
  • Acropolis is where everyone would go to safety. If they were under attack they would climb up the hill and go into the Acropolis.
  • Temple of Zeus was completed in 131 AD by the Roman emperor Hadrian. It is the largest temple in Greece.


  • Battle of Marathon- the Athenians and the Plataeans defeated the Persians in 490 BCE.
  • Battle of Chaeronea- this battle happened in 338 BC between Phillip the 2nd and Macedon. The Athens were also involved in this battle. The Macedonians won the battle.

Interesting Facts

  • Athens was the largest city in Greece
  • The Athens had a celebration every year for athletics, dramas, and religious occasions.
  • Athens held the Olympics and they said people who backed out were cowards.
  • There are 143 theater stages in Athens

  • Urban- 3, 074,160 ( in 2011)
  • Metropolitan- 3,737,550
  • Municipality- 655,780

History of Athens Greece