Nuts & Bolts

September 9, 2019

Thank you!

Thank you for a wonderful week of learning for our students. Thank you Jen, Jalee, Kim, Richard, and Lana for presenting at the Parent Education Night this past week. It was beautiful and I received excellent parent feedback that exactly confirmed that purpose/goals for the evening were being met. A parent who has been at MMA longer than I have said, "Wow, now I know what my daughter is talking about . . . "

Thank you for engaging in service with your classes on Tuesday to honor Dr. Montessori's birthday. The building looks fantastic inside and out. I did have a landscaper come out to give us an estimate and ideas for sprucing up a few parts of our campus and restoring trees that were removed when the addition was built.

I hope you were all able to enjoy your weekend. See you for the staff meeting Monday after school from 3:30-5pm in the library. Teachers are discussing the MAP test implementation and assistants are discussing how to run a reading group. The official agenda is linked in the button below.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication! I am so glad that you are here,


Staff Meeting 9.9.19 Agenda

Teachers - please bring your computer and headphones.

Fire Drill Feedback

Please review the Emergency Procedures Guide. Several doors were left open and lights were left on. Also, we still need to work on exiting with more urgency, getting out faster. Students need to sit and stay in the parking stall so I an clearly see the adults, who have stepped out into the lane. Students did a good job coming out quietly with only a few exceptions.

Background Checks for Volunteers

Any adult in the building for an hour or more that could possibly be alone with a child needs to have a background check in our system. All official field trip chaperones also need a background check. This is for everyone's safety.

There will be someone at MMA to conduct background checks next week on September 17th at 5pm - before the MAPA begins at 6pm. Volunteers will need to make 2 payments at this time $37 to MMA for processing and $25 to Academica West for doing the live scan. Cash, check, and charge are all accepted.

We realize that it can be tough for some of our families to pay for background checks and we don't want this to be a barrier to volunteering inside school. Please help us let everyone know that once you're in this new system (Rapback), you will not have to pay or do this again. If a volunteer wants to know if they're already in the system or not, please ask them to email Lana.

We will be setting up a spreadsheet where teachers can reference which parents are in the Rapback system. We just have to figure out some logistics.

Staff Picture Re-Takes

Most staff pictures did not turn out great. Life Touch will be back out on September 27th from 1-4pm to take staff pictures. Please dress/look your best on this early out professional development day.

This is why our website has not been updated with pictures.

Building Access

We apologize as some of your card keys have not been functioning properly. We are working out the kinks; and, need you to tell us when your card is not working so we can see if it's an individual card issue or bigger. Beginning Tuesday, assistant swiper cards will work at the front door as well as the recess door.

All staff should enter the building through the front door. Please be sure to swipe in the building in the morning (assistants after Tuesday).

Coach's Corner

If you are interested in (not expected to) in implementing lessons to honor and remember 9-11 and recognize International Peace Day (September 21), here are some lesson resources:


International Peace Day

Working Hard

I would like us to recognize our teachers new to MMA this year. Like most of us when we started in our own classroom, these new teachers are working on their Montessori credentials and/or teaching license. These individuals have been working double time.This work is most appreciated and starting to show in classroms. Thank you to Nicoletta, level leads, and teacher mentors for guiding our teachers along their path. It takes a village to raise a child and build a great teacher and we have a fantastic village!

Display Art in the Hall

As promised last week, here is the link for your class to sign up to display student best work and art in the hallways. Art Walls for the Hallways- if you want to showcase the students work in your classroom for the school and parents to see please sign up here for when
Big picture

Behavior Reports in Aspire

If you are not aware of or have forgotten how to put in a behavior report to Aspire, please seek help from the office. Having this information in Aspire is necessary to track data and for alert Administration as to when issues recurring. Please follow the Student Conduct and Discipline Plan and uncheck the "alert admin" button unless you need to alert admin.

If you need admin to address a situation immediately, please send or accompany the student to the chairs outside the office and tell the office the student is waiting. Immediately put a behavior report in Aspire so the administrator has the report to reference.

Yearbook Photos

If you have photos of your students or your class that you would like to be added to the yearbook, please add them to the Google drive here.

Lamination & Color Copies

If you have items that need to be laminated or color copies to be made, please drop them off (or email color copies) to the front office with your name on them and give directions to Amanda. We send these items out to be laminated.

Also, there are laminated items in my office ready for pick-up. There is also color copies of the clock of eras for whomever ordered those copies.

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Please model for all students and families by using the crosswalk every time you are in the parking lot - even if there are no cars coming and especially in the morning when it is crazy.


Kindergarten and 1st and 3d grade hearing screenings start next week at MMA. This testing will happen in the south learning lab near early childhood. Here is the schedule:

  • Monday, September 9th kinder screeners 9 am -3 pm
  • Tuesday, September 10th kinder screeners 9 am -3 pm
  • Monday, September 16th hearing screeners for 1st and 3rd graders 9 am -3 pm
  • Tuesday, September 17th hearing screeners for 1st and 3rd graders 9 am -3 pm
  • Thursday, October 3rd hearing re-screens (1 hour)

Kindergarten screenings take about 10 minutes per child. This time includes checking their language, articulation, and hearing skills. Hearing screenings for the 1st and 3rd graders will take about 20 minutes for each class/teacher.

We ask that the class assistant help shuttle students back and forth to optimize everyone's time and be most efficient.