Ilan Ramon

The first israeli astronaut in space


what is a hero for us?

A hero is someone who risks his life for his country and people .

and someone who exploits his power to help other people.

why we chose Ilan Ramon to be our hero?

We chose him because he is a groundbraker and he brought a lot of honor to our country.

He showed a lot of people that with a lot of persistence hope and courage you can achive Everything.

About Ilan

Ramon had a huge combat experience as a pilot in the israeli army.

He reached the rank of a colonel .

On 1 February 2003 he died with his crew and spaceship that blow apart as she has got into the Atmophere of the earth.

he left behind a wife and 4 children asaf, tal, yftah and noa.


The Colombia was the spaceship that was needed to complete the sts-107 mission.

She was sent to space at 16 January 2003.

And all the crew died in 1 february 2003 when they have got into the earth's atmosphere.

Rona ramon

Today 13 years after the colombia blew off when she got into the atmosphere of the earth Rona is smilling again.

Her secret is a daily training of a breathing technique.

every morning Rona is parcticing her technique for 12 minutes in her bedroom, livingroom or kitchen.


oren-it was very fun to learn more about Ilan ramon and how he gave us proude and a lot of respect and showd us that with a lot of hard work you can achive everything

Ido-usually I dont like those kind of projects but that one was different we all worked together and we learned a lot about him in a team and not on your own.

bar-I really enjoyed working together as a group for a cause so important and I learned a lot about the importance of the values that should be in all of us.

adar-It was very fun and interesting to work with my members of are group,

I learned a lot about Ilan Ramon, his life and his achievements.

amit-i learned a lot of ilan ramon and how to work togheter with my group members

in addition i so proud of ilan ramon beacause he did a lot for our country.